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Instructor Vacancy - Infinity Studio, Melbourne VIC

Author: Joanne Worsfield - 09/05/2017


Two positions in one at Melbourne’s most progressive Pilates studio

Over 14 years, Infinity Pilates has refined its Pilates principles to encapsulate total wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

Our founder, Kerrie Murphy, has dedicated her life to the practice and study of human movement. Through her passion for Pilates, she has built a dedicated team devoted to the highest standards of teaching. 

Why people love Infinity

People love coming to and working in Infinity because of its faithful and positive approach to Joseph Pilates’ original methods and teachings.

We’re looking for a locum to fill in for one of our valued senior instructors between 1st July and 5th August 2017. But if you share our passion, enthusiasm, and focus on client care, you can turn a temporary role into a permanent career.

You don’t need to be a veteran. A diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction and two or three years’ experience is a good start. Better, but not essential, is a Pilates International Training Centre qualification.

Demonstrate an eagerness to learn and practice Infinity’s principles, a talent for teaching, and genuine people skills — attention, empathy, respect, a team ethic — and you could make the role your own permanently.

Visit us at to see if you and we mesh. If you think you can, call Kerrie Murphy on 0423 021 884, or send your resume to

Applications close 31st May 2017.