History of the APMA

In the early 1990s, a small group of independent Pilates Teachers came together with a vision of creating a non-for-profit association reflecting Joseph Pilates method and the growth of Pilates in Australia.  In 1996 founders Penny Latey, Sandy Lauffenburger, and Megan Williams (deceased) created the original constitution and registered it with The Department of Fair Trading in NSW. With the news of needing 5 people to create an association, Shauna Hall and Julie Rochelle joined and The Australia Pilates Method Association was born.

The initial years came with successful growth in deeming the name Pilates was a generic term, therefore intercepting the trademark of the name Pilates in both the USA and Australia. Through this time, the APMA philosophy took shape and other competent, concerned teachers and studio owners came on board.

By 1998 memberships had grown to 70. The APMA Level 1 course created by Penny Latey and Sandy Lauffenburger became the recognised qualification and entry point into the association for membership.

The following decade brought consolidation and expansion, with leadership changes of Paul Cini, Donna Oliver, Liz Hewett until 2010. Largely due to their vision the biennial conference and updating the constitution were two large projects to come to fruition.

Throughout the 2000s the APMA grew, with over 300 members across Australia. The APMA instructor training course was further developed and standardised across Australia to become the APMA Education & Training RTO’s Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy in 2014. Our current council members Melanie Trapman, Sherrie Aprilovic, Zoe Ryan-Ferdowsian, Charissa Fermelis, Geri Taylor, Nell Hoess, Lizzi Webb and Administrator Paula Knight today continue on this trajectory in creating positive change for our members, developing education and processes to support the Pilates Teachers of our industry.