APMA and Your Innovators

The APMA is a non for profit organisation where all profits are returned directly to the members of the APMA to further advancement of needs of the Pilates industry and it's members in Australia.

Welcome your APMA Council Members!

President: Melanie Trapman

Member Since 2008 | Level 4 | L2 Course Provider |

Coming from a fitness background, Melanie embraced the Pilates method, recognising that she craved more education and knowledge around healthy, functional movement. Melanie is an energetic problem solver who believes in fostering a positive and inclusive culture amongst APMA members. Endeavouring to create a powerful force to benefit all. Stand for them, listen to them, support them and commit to progress. 

"The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier”. J.H.P

Treasurer APMA:  Sherrie Aprilovic   

Member Since 2014 | Level 2 |

Sherrie is passionate about teaching Pilates to a wide range of clientele from those with musculoskeletal issues or pathologies through to athletes and weekend warriors.
She loves to design her client's Pilates programs with a specific goal in mind even if, that goal is just being able to bend over put on socks!
Her goal is to improve the quality of everyday life for each individual so that the environment demands (no matter how big or small) on the musculoskeletal system is managed with grace and ease.

"Change happened through movement and movement heals". - J.H.P 


Secretary APMA: Zoe Ryan-Ferdowsian

Member Since 2007 | Level 4 |

Zoe has a background in all things movement, turning her hand (and body) to everything from martial arts, athletics and dance to strength training, stretch therapy and yoga. After graduating with a Bachelor of Human Movement & Exercise Science, Zoe taught Pilates before founding Camberwell Pilates 11 years ago with the aim to share her love for movement with others. As a mother of three children, Zoe aspires to live life with balance and gets a great deal of joy in helping others to do the same.

"Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.” - J.H.P


Vice President & Education Chair APMA: Charissa Fermelis

Member Since 2017 | Level 4 | 

Having been initially drawn to Pilates in her early teens as an elite dancer, Charissa obtained her Pilates qualification through the APMA in 2007 whilst still studying physiotherapy, before graduating from LaTrobe University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2009. She has spent the past 13 years working with and alongside some of Australia's premier sports and dance physiotherapists and Pilates practitioners, and now works predominantly in the performance medicine space. Charissa is the founder and director of Grounded Movement and Pilates Escape Crew. In her new role as Chair of the Education Committee, she looks forward to guiding the APMA through the next phase of educational development. Away from the studio, she enjoys being outdoors, travelling, and training her little puppy Louis.

"The mind when housed in a healthy body, possess a glorious sense of power" J.H.P


Council Member: Jodie Brown

Member Since 2017 | Level 4 |

Jodie studied Pilates as an apprentice in a London studio 20yrs ago and became a fully certified teacher in 2001. She believes Pilates is a beautifully simple and intelligent way to retrain the body’s movement patterning and finds the more she learn’s about human movement, the more her appreciation of the original Pilates work deepens. Jodie is passionate about the importance of varied and enriching ongoing education experiences to help gain insight and maintain a fresh perspective. 

"Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all vital benefits" J.H.P 


Council Member: Nell Hoess

Member Since 2002 | Level 4 |

“Movement is my medicine”. Nell has a passion for movement and thrives on sharing that passion with others.mShe is Pilates and Yoga Instructor with a BA Hons in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School. Her career in Pilates started in 2001, first training at Vass & Shaw Pilates and continued with Pilates International in 2006. Nell founded Fluid Form Pilates in 2002 and sold the business after 10 years to focus on her calling towards Yoga. She has successfully completed 4 Yoga Teacher Trainings: Body Mind Life (2011), Baptiste Power Yoga (2013), Forrest Yoga Level 1 (2015), Forrest Yoga Level 2 (2019). She is also a Certified Workplace Trainer and Assessor (2010). Some of Nell’s interests include Somatic Psychology, movement and mental health and embodied anatomy. She currently lives in Redfern, Sydney, with her two daughters, husband and 17 year old Staffy.

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” J.H.P 


 Administrator: Joanne Worsfield

 Since 2006 | Goddess of Getting Stuff Done |

In 2019, Jo's administraion role changed from a humble 3 hours a day to fulltime position. Her delightlful voice is the one you hear on the other end of the phone when you are met with an obstacle or wish to find out more information for up coming events. Jo's passion for the APMA has her supporting you as the memeber in all aspects from membership, workshop co-ordination, accounting, RTO administration & liaison for our Education & Training just to name a few. 

"You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist". I.G


APMA Sub-Committee Members

APMA Workplace Health and Safety

Vrinda Fernando


APMA Advocacy

Advocacy Sub-Committee email advocacy@australianpilates.asn.au

Jean Wu- Chair

Member Since 2018 | Level 2 |

I discovered the benefits of Pilates whilst recovering from a work-related back injury from practicing dentistry. This curiosity led me to complete my DipPMT with the APMA. I run Posture and Core Pilates in Melbourne and have a special interest in the prevention of dental work-related musculoskeletal disorders. I am currently completing a PhD in this area.

Especially in these challenging times, I hope to contribute to the Pilates community through the work of the Advocacy Committee. I aim to raise the awareness and legitimacy of the Pilates industry within the relevant governing bodies and seek greater recognition for the rigorous training that we undertake.

Natalie Murray

Member Since 2004 | Level 4 |

I started Pilates in 1996 and completed the UTS Grad Cert in Pilates in 2002.  As a Level 4 APMA member and PAA Principal Trainer I actively contribute to both the APMA and PAA. I run my own business myPilates in Sydney and I also teach a Cert IV and Diploma in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology. I joined the APMA Advocacy Committee to help raise awareness and recognition of the Pilates industry. 

Lizzi Webb

Member Since 2015 | Level 4 |

I obtained a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction from PilatesInt and am currently completing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. I am proud to be representing the APMA as the only Level 4 member in the Northen Territory.

I joined the Advocacy Committee as I am passionate about advocating for the Pilates industry and improving standards.


Wendy Turner

Member Since 2002 | Level 2 |

I started Pilates 17 years ago with Monique Telfer in Brisbane. I had attended her workplace mat classes and was intrigued to explore further. In 2010, I did my Diploma with National Pilates Training and was lucky enough to take on shifts from my then teacher. I purchased Aligned for Life Pilates in Richmond in 2017 and have learned so much from my clients and other teachers. I am a biochemist by training but have worked in lots of different jobs.

I joined the Advocacy Committee as I think it is important that Diploma and Advanced Diploma Pilates teachers are recognised for their depth of knowledge and teaching capability.

Natalie Watson

Member Since 2017 | Level 2 |

I am the founder of Back to Life Studio Pilates & Wellbeing in Bendigo, Victoria. I developed a passion for Movement Therapy and Health Coaching in 2011 after working with Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists as part of an early childhood intervention team to assist my two sons with disabilities as a result of the rare metabolic disease, AdsL deficiency. 

This led me to become qualified as an Allied health assistant, Pilates Movement Therapist, Health coach, Reiki practitioner and more recently to complete a Diploma in Counselling, specialising in movement, mindfulness & other expressive therapies.

I joined the APMA in 2014 upon completing my Diploma, and have now joined the APMA Advocacy committee to offer continued support to promote the Pilates method as a stand-alone industry that upholds well defined tertiary educational and industry standards that preserve, protect and benefit the future of the Pilates method as well as it’s devotees.

Di Dall’Oglio

Member Since 2014 | Level 4 |

I have been teaching Pilates since 2003, and fitness (group fitness, water aerobics and PT) since 1993. I own Emerald Pilates in Emerald Victoria and am a Level 4 member of APMA. I also conduct teacher training for the National Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology, and mentor new Pilates teachers along their journey to becoming fully qualified and affiliated with the peak Pilates bodies in Australia. 

I joined the Advocacy committee in order to raise awareness, improve the definition of Pilates and advocate for the industry during the COVID-19 crisis. I aim to provide a united voice across the AMPA and PAA for stronger advocacy of our objectives.

APMA Marketing 

Marketing Sub-Committee email marketing@australianpilates.asn.au

Jemima North

Nathalie Doudkina


APMA Education Sub-Committee

Wendy Larsen (Chair) - email education@australianpilates.asn.au

Charissa Fermelis

Megan Williams

Jodie Brown

Francesca Dudley

Geri Taylor


APMA Conference Sub-committee

Wendy Larsen

Nathalie Doudkina

Jemima North

Joanne Worsfield