APMA and Your Innovators

The APMA is a non for profit organisation where all profits are returned directly to the members of the APMA to further advancement of needs of the Pilates industry and it's members in Australia.

Welcome your APMA Council Members:

Simone Clifford

General Council Member

Having been on a pathway of movement from the start, an invitation to dance with the Australian Dance Theatre came along and 4 years later a move to Europe with an invitation to dance with the Nederlands Dans Theater. Whilst there, movement capability and artistry stretched me to my outer limits for 6 years and additional body conditioning modalities became a necessity for performance endurance.

A return to Australia to rest a somewhat weary body after a full on dance and choreographic career, my body eventually needed to move again to keep it feeling comfortable, happy even. Many years of weekly Pilates classes precipitated a return to my roots of movement and teaching in a professional capacity. 

APMA certification ensued, enabling me to open my own clinical Pilates studio Simone Clifford Pilates some 10 years ago in Melbourne where my passion for movement and happy bodies continues. 

Brooke Sultana

General Council Member

I have been a Remedial Therapist since 2008. Seeking answers to my many questions about my body and movement I undertook further study in Myofascial Release techniques.

After struggling with a heavy pregnancy in 2014, I discovered Pilates and found that the pieces of my body and movement puzzle really started coming together. Pilates Movement Therapy was the key to working on my own body and moving towards helping people in pain and discomfort, not only via massage, but now movement.

Recently, I gained further accreditation in Advanced Dry Needling Techniques in 2017, Makarlu by Body Organics and Key Moves, a course by Physiotherapist Josephine Key.

I go above and beyond my professional requirements to further my knowledge and develop my skills in order to assist my students in achieving and surpassing their goals.


Lauren Whitfield

General Council Member

Lauren graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience (Hons) in 2010. She had always been an active person with a strong love and respect for health and wellbeing and during her university years had practiced some Pilates here and there.

After commencing work at the University of Wollongong and realising the work wasn’t for her she undertook the APMA Diploma of Movement Therapy and opened her business Inhale Pilates in 2016 in Kiama where she remains today. She has undertook various courses over the years, some run through the APMA, PAA, Jo Keys “Key Moves”, and most recently commenced a 2 year Immersive Coaching Program at the beginning of 2022 with Wade Edwell of Proper Pilates (2nd Generation Teacher) who is the only Australasian graduate of first generation teacher Jay Grimes and his program “The Work”. I love what I do and see profound value and depth in what this body of work offers to all those who seek it.