We are thrilled to reveal the much anticipated 2020 APMA Biennial National Conference ‘Be The Movement’ being held at Collins Square Business Centre, Docklands, October 23rd-25th, 2020.

APMA Conference 2020 will provide a strong sense of community as we come together to celebrate movement. Together, we will explore all that it is to be a Pilates Teacher today -  leaving you empowered to move forward in your Pilates career. Supporting our members with the information they can take home to improve themselves, their clients and their businesses.

The APMA conference presents leaders and innovators of health, well-being and business to facilitate and foster relationships within our extended Pilates and allied health community.

Our Presenters

  • Trent McEntire
  • Amy Rost
  • Carla Mullins
  • Carrie Newbold
  • Joanne Bezzina
  • Nicholas Psarros
  • Maggie McGill
  • Franziska Iseli
  • Stephanie Glickman

APMA 2020 Conference - where we can support you as a business and our members, bringing together like-minded people who are passionate about movement, innovation and leaders within the industry.