The APMA is excited to announce our 3rd and final 48hr Blitzilates Virtual Event on October 24th & 25th 2020.

Blitzilates#3 will feature 5 International and Australian presenters who will cater to you not only as a Pilates Professional but also as a Mover and as a business owner.

The APMA is excited to announce our presenters for our 3rd official Virtual event, 48hr Blitzilates - Trent McEntire, Amy Rost, Carla Mullins, Michelle Bergeron and Renae Blackmore.

Please see below more about our Presenters for Blitzilates#3. 

Trent McEntire is best known to movement professionals and clients as the Problem Solver.

For more than 20 years, Trent has been working with clients who experience neurological disorders to help them gain back their mobility – a story he knows well. Born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, Trent was able to repattern his own movement to eliminate the pain and stiffness he experienced daily. His ability to repair his own body lifted the ceiling, allowing Trent to actively participate in his love of sports and moving on to becoming a professional dancer.

Today, Trent teaches his proprietary McEntire method worldwide to movement professionals, coaching them on how to assess and problem-solve for today’s clients. The BrainSpeed Ball is a tool from Trent’s Neuro-Movement course, where he teaches professionals how the brain input systems (visual, vestibular and proprioception) work to improve movement.   Trent has also created Arcus, a hand-crafted tool that leverages beautiful wooden curves to expand movement possibilities and provide powerful solutions for all ages and abilities.

Amy Rost is the Owner of ARC Pilates in Cochrane, Alberta Canada (located just outside Calgary, AB in the foothills of Canadian Rockies) and the Founder of Pilates Fest North.

She is the mother to four children.  In 2010, her oldest son was diagnosed with a rare degenerative neuromuscular disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA). This was the wake-up call that lead her to Pilates.

Amy worked in private healthcare for 15 years as an Administrator of Disability Management.  In 2016 she decided to leave her corporate job working in a spine clinic to pursue her passion for Pilates.  After working all those years seeing the struggles of chronic illness and disability, she decided it was time to make a change and this is where her journey to teaching Pilates began.

She is a certified comprehensively trained Advanced Level 5 Classical Pilates Teacher.   Amy is a National Certified Pilates Teacher.    She enjoys working with a wide range of individuals including children, elderly, individuals with disabilities and athletes.

Amy is a tenacious networker and life long learner.  She is always looking for ways to create connection, collaboration and community. She is passionate about cultivating community in every aspect of her life, business and Pilates practice.

Co-director and co-owner of Body Organics, Carla came to Pilates in 1993 as a result of complex neurological and health problems. Application and consistency enabled Carla to regain her health, move with some grace and more importantly, without pain. This motivated her in 2002 to establish her own Pilates studio in Brisbane.

Carla now teaches at her two studios and delivers the APMA Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy at her studios, certifying new Pilates instructors. Additionally, Carla mentors many qualified Pilates and GYROTONIC® teachers, some of whom are osteopaths and physiotherapists. She also teaches continued education courses all over Australia and internationally.

Her passion lies in understanding why pain or restriction affect a person’s ability to move and she enjoys empowering people to understand how their body works. Carla believes that this is an imperative building block in optimal performance beyond the studio setting and into everyday life, whether they are an athlete, mother, office worker or tradesperson.

Carla is a Level 4 teacher with the APMA and PAA, she holds the APMA Advanced Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy, APMA Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy, PITC Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, she has undertaken the Polestar Diploma training. She is a certified PMA instructor and course deliverer, and is undertaking a Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy.

Michelle is a passionate, dedicated physiotherapist with a specific interest in foot and ankle injuries, exercise, and sports injuries, with a clinical background in elite sport and performing arts. Michelle has been lucky enough to work at amazing companies such as Cirque du Soleil and currently at The Australian Ballet, which have exposed her to some of the best performing artists in the world and without a doubt, to the best medical teams.

Michelle's interests however, do not only lie there. She consults at the Melbourne Football Club, helping them manage foot and ankle injuries, and serve as the medical advisor and Strength & Conditioning coordinator for the Australian Flying Disc Association (Ultimate Frisbee). Michelle was also the Head Physio and Medical Coordinator for the World U24 Ultimate Championships in 2018 in Perth and covered Handball at the PanAm Games in Toronto 2015, amongst other sports gigs throughout the years. She's worked with rowers, rock climbers, shot putters, soccer players, gymnasts, figure skaters, burlesque dancers, cyclists, netballers, rugby players, badminton players, skiers and everyone in between.

Renae Blackmore owns and runs her studio, Renae Blackmore Pilates Studio, from home on the beautiful Central Coast NSW and has been teaching the Pilates Method since 1996. Renae was a professional dancer and was drawn into the Pilates world as an injury prevention and strengthening tool. Her love of Pilates inspired her to study the Method with Vass and Shaw Physiotherapy and Pilates, then furthering her knowledge with Rael Isacowitz at BASI. She then went onto studying with PITC achieving an Advance Diploma. Along the way she gained a certification in Pre and Post Natal Pilates with The Centre for Women's Fitness and a certification in Foot Fitness with Yamuna. With a passion for learning, Renae completed the Classical Pilates course with Olga Tamara at Authentic Pilates Education. Combining both styles has enriched her love & enhanced her confidence in the beautiful flow of Pilates. She is a Level 4 Member of the APMA. Renae is grateful to have Pilates in her life, for both physical and mental reasons. It helped her maintain an injury free dance career and helped her through the birth of her two gorgeous girls. Now in her late 40’s Renae feels more energised, stronger and invigorated than ever.