• VIC - Floating Worlds:BandTherapy Pilates with Zac Jones - Fri 15 June 2018

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    Introducing Floating Worlds: BandTherapy Pilates with Zac Jones
    BandTherapy is a new way of training the body and furthering the evolution of the Pilates method.   
    Joseph Pilates founded his method through study and practice of  a variety of Eastern and Western training methods and philosophies including martial arts, yoga, boxing and acrobatics.   
    Similarly BandTherapy draws on Zac's different forms of training in Somatics, Martial Arts, Contemporary Dance, Ballet and of course Pilates.
    BandTherapy enables the instantaneous decompression of muscular tension in the body from which all actions can then be performed with great ease, alignment and fluidity.  It allows the neuro-muscular system to receive a similar stimulus to being immersed in water and it is this literal feeling of floating that assists in creating new and creative movement patterns that let the body adapt and excel in any circumstance.

    As an injury rehab approach BandTherapy involves using the whole body (with emphasis on fluid movement and fascia rather than individual joints) to create painless movement that flows to an injured area without hurting it.

    When the injured area perceives that is possible to move and feel movement without pain it naturally begins to allow more movement, and THIS is the place to strengthen it from, not with repetitive linear action that makes it grip protectively, but with natural relaxed spirals that gradually increase in range and freedom, like concentric outward ripples.

    Instead of using resistance as the starting point from which to push through, thus developing more resistance and blockage, BandTherapy uses it as a reference point from which to explore and integrate movement  without ever pushing through tension. 

    In this way, the trauma or tension around an injured area is able to dissolve, thus allowing freedom of movement without pain.

    The evolution of BandTherapy has been through Zac's 12 years continuous teaching experience as a Pilates instructor, studio owner, martial artist, choreographer and academic and involves the transformation of each well known Pilates apparatus into floatation stations, where even the most difficult of repertoire can be performed with instant ease and flow.

    If you are ready to experience a new world in your own body and change the way you train and teach Pilates forever then this workshop is not to be missed!

    Presenter Zac Jones is a Level 3 APMA instructor with 12 Years experience as a Pilates teacher and studio owner but his Pilates journey began as a student of the Australian Ballet School working with Andrew Baxter.    Follow a professional dance career with Queensland Ballet and Expressions Dance Co he began training extensively in Martial Arts, gaining black belts and teaching in Aikido and Arnis.     After sustaining injuries during martial art training he decided he needed to return to Pilates and studied the APMA Instructor Course under Paul Cini.   On completing he was lucking enough to be mentored by Bruce Hildebrand and Wendy Smith on the fusion of Pilates with Somatics, a journey he has been on ever since.   SInce 2012 he has undertaken Post-Graduate studies in Choreography at Victorian College of the Arts and is completing his MFA by Research on the synthesis of Somatics, Martial Arts and Dance.   He has taught Strength and Conditioning at the Australian Ballet School, Contemporary Ballet at VCA and currently works with high-level dancers, martial artists and athletes to help them find new capacities in their respective disciplines in a way that also enhances their quality of movement and life.

    Host Venue: Evolved Pilates, Level 1, 324 Darebin Road Fairfield VIC 3078
    Time: 2pm - 5pm
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  • VIC - The Wonderful Wunda Chair Continues - Part 2 - Sun 22 July 2018

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    The Wonderful Wunda Chair continues!

    Due to the recent sold-out success of The Wonderful Wunda Chair workshops, Liz has developed a follow up workshop of more Wunda Chair goodness. Liz has a seemingly bottomless supply of repertoire on the Wunda Chair, from having worked in many studios over her Pilates teaching career, having colleagues from all corners of the Pilates globe, and being a firm believer in always doing classes with a fellow teacher. This workshop will continue the flavour of 2017’s workshops of expanding attendees’ knowledge of how the Wunda Chair can be used to create a comprehensive Pilates session. Repertoire will aim at the more experienced, restriction-free Pilates client, so will delve into more complex movements, and more physically demanding repertoire. So, if you are wanting to expand your own training repertoire, or, wishing to learn some fun yet challenging intermediate to advanced Wunda Chair repertoire for the long-term Pilates aficionado client, come and explore!

    The repertoire covered will vary from what was covered in The Wonderful Wunda Chair Part I, so you are welcome to come to Part 2 if you didn’t attend Part 1. Or, if you came to Part 1 and believe, like Liz does, that the Wunda Chair is simply awesome, and, deserves far more than the typical relegation to the corner for the occasional Mermaid, you are very welcome to come back.

    Presenter Liz Hewett has been working in the health and fitness industries for nearly 20 years, and teaching Pilates for 16 years. She is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, graduating from RMIT in 1999 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) with distinction, and, from VUT in 2000 with a Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation. Her main passion growing up was dance, and she did a year of full time dance training at The Victorian College of the Arts after finishing high school. After spending most of that year either in physio, or, studying anatomy instead of practising her pirouettes, she decided that her love of dance was better served as a practitioner rather than a performer. However, having no idea what that was, she went to university to find out. Liz started doing Pilates during university to help a chronic lumbar disc injury, and, realised that teaching Pilates could fulfil her quest for a career that enriched health through movement.

    Liz went straight from university to studying the APMA Level 1 course with Paul Cini at PhysicalMind Pilates in 2001. Over the course of her Pilates career she has worked at Inbalance Pilates, The Intelligent Body, Bella Life, and, between 2008-2016 was at The Australian Ballet School as the Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning Coordinator. Liz re-entered the world of small business in 2016 to join Absolute Health & Performance, a new sports medicine centre in Melbourne CBD. After finding her feet in private practice, she is now working for herself as an Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning coach and Pilates practitioner, as well as teaching at Das Studio Pilates in Fitzroy.

    Liz served on the APMA’s Executive Council for nearly 7 years, as Secretary for Council, and Chair for the Education Committee, and President of the APMA from 2008-2010. She was also a member of the Course Accreditation Committee, whose major project was writing all the materials for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy. Liz has been an invited reviewer of Professional Development applications for Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) and Fitness Australia. More recently, Liz was invited to join the new APMA Advisory Committee.

    Liz’s philosophy as a Pilates teacher is to integrate principles and training techniques from exercise and rehabilitation science with the Pilates Method. Liz’s exercise science knowledge took a boost when she went back to university and completed a Masters in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning) in 2015. Her specialty areas are dance, distance running, skiing and chronic musculoskeletal conditions or injury. Being a blend of all of these, Liz tries to live the active lifestyle that we all love and hopefully promote, by going back to ballet as an adult, running her first full marathon in 2017, skiing as often as the budget allows, and doing frequent Pilates & strength training to keep her chronic dodgy bits healthy!

    TIME: 9.00am - 12.00pm (3 APMA CEC’s)

    VENUE:  DAS Pilates,  1/341 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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  • SA - The Myofascial Slings and use in the Pilates Method - Sat 25 Aug 2018

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    A three hour workshop to discuss key myofascial slings of the human body. Attendees will look at how these slings integrate our movements and identify Pilates exercise specifically for the slings. 

    Presenter Jenni Guest has combined her formative years as a Classical Ballet Student/Amatuer performer with her academic years of pre and post graduate Physiotherapy study resulting in a passionate focus on Dance Injury / Education and Prevention. As a long standing member of The International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, Jenni remains up to date with the current research in Dance Medicine, treatment and preventative methodology. She holds strong beliefs in working with the junior dancers through their developmental years to achieve maximum potential, as well as following through with the tertiary students and professional performers in maintenance programs, specific rehabilitation and injury prevention protocols.

    As a Senior Pilates Practitioner, Jenni continues her own Continuing Education with the recognized Pilates Education Bodies as well as actively focusing on current research in the practice of core stabilization. She understands the necessity of the use of Real Time Ultrasound and Dynamic Stabilization in achieving functional core control.

    Jenni is a Senior Educator and Examiner for Polestar Pilates Education, delivering Certificate IV in Pilates Practice and Diploma in Professional Pilates Practice as well as presenting Continuing Education modules in all of her specialty. Jenni is the President of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia. 

    Time: 1.00pm - 4.00pm (3 APMA CEC's)

    Venue: Smart Health Training & Services, 12 - 22 Richmond Roaad, Keswick  SA  5035

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  • WA - Introduction to Alexander Technique for Pilates Instructors - Fri 28 Sept 2018

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    We will explore how the nervous system and the automatic reflexes that allow us to stand up against gravity are balanced across our entire system. Alexander Technique is a powerful set of ideas and principles that help you see the ‘whole’ person as they move.  Many exercise and intervention modalities focus on the bones and muscular systems, Alexander Technique includes the central role of the nervous system & how we activate this with conscious constructive thinking.  Alexander Technique is an amazingly simple method to address movement habits (which by their nature are invisible to us) and rediscover your natural poise and grace.

    This workshop will focus on our own individual co-ordination, each person being unique and their movement being a manifestation of their unique-ness.  It will be very interesting to discover the common ground and places of divergence between Alexander Technique and Pilates practice.  The workshop will be practical and participatory.

    The workshop will cover:

    • Introduction to Alexander Technique (including primary control, directions of movement, inhibition, and faulty sensory appreciation)
    • What actually supports our posture against gravity?
    • What does ‘good’ co-ordination mean?
    • Co-operating with human design when moving
    • Over effort and ‘feelings’ often lead us out of well co-ordination movement 

    Presenter: Greg Holdaway has over 30 wonderful years of clinical practice as an Alexander Technique teacher, teaching professional musicians, many people in pain and those recovering from injury etc. Greg has many stories of working with people where they thought there was no hope for improvement!  Consistently they rediscover hope and find new approaches to healthy movement and thinking habits using Alexander Technique principles.

    Recently Greg went back to university to complete a Masters in Sports Science, undertaking research into anti-gravity reflexes.  Greg has a special ability to make complex technical and theoretical ideas into practical and applied ideas – ideas that can be used to help you and your students!   The bonus of Greg’s study and skill is that you gain the benefits of his postgraduate study without the need to do all the reading and assessment yourself!

    Greg is currently the Director of Sydney Alexander Technique, the only AUSTAT accredited teacher training program in NSW.  Greg is also a Director of Body Chance, Japan, the largest Alexander Technique teacher training school in the world; where he is a regular teacher.

    Venue: Revolution Pilates, 419 Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016

    Time: 2pm - 6pm

    Early Bird Ends 14/09/2018
    Member $150.00
    Non-Member: $190.00
    Normal Price
    Member $160.00
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