• NSW - Anatomy Wetlab (Wollongong) - Friday 24 May 2019

    Description, Requirements

    Are you interested in muscular anatomy and what goes on under your skin! Do you need a refresher on cadaveral anatomy. Here is your opportunity!

    Would you like the opportunity to understand 3-D anatomy away from the 2-D flat page of a text book?

    If so please enquire into our visit to the anatomy lab, where you can examine cadavers to learn about  muscles and their attachments.

    We have requested certain specimens but invite you to send us your wish-list of things you would  like to study in this informal 2 hour working group.

    LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE so book now via the APMA website booking system.

    Venue: University of Wollongong, Northfields Avenue, Wollongong NSW 2522

    Time: 4.30pm-6.30pm

    Attendees to bring/wear: Covered/Enclosed shoes and completed pre-lab quiz (supplied on registration)

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    Non-Member: $215.00
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  • VIC - Cueing the Shoulder - Saturday 25 May 2019

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    This workshop will be about doing and seeing, and of course cueing! It will be experiential, practical and all about the shoulder - the action of the humeral head in the socket, the torso around the arm. There will be a brief review of anatomy and discussion regarding the importance of “good” cueing! Together we will explore a variety of Standard Pilates arm/shoulder exercises- in various positions, on various equipment. We will problematise what we are looking for, how we can think about it and most importantly, how we can best cue it! Catherine will share her ideas on ways of seeing/sensing the “problem” and of creating/finding appropriate cues. This workshop is suitable for any instructor who is lost for cues or tired of hearing their same old ones!    

    Providing effective verbal cues for specific muscle recruitment is an important part of rehabilitation and movement re-education.  Verbal cues modify muscle timing, activation amplitude and patterns and result in reduce stress through the region. Catherine Magill has a repertoire of verbal cues for muscle recruitment.  Her communication succinctly describes the exercise according to the participant’s skill level and muscle activation strategy.  The precision of her cues coupled with images develops alignment and optimises movement technique.  Catherine's creativity and imagination refines the connection between the mind and body. Catherine is a master at verbal cueing utilizing visual, kinaesthetic, anatomical and pictorial imagery in her descriptive explanations.

    Carol Fitzsimons- Manipulative Physiotherapist

    Catherine Magill is an APMA Level 4 Practitioner and holds a BA in Dance. She began her Pilates training in 1992 with the late Megan Williams, and for 18 years was the Director of Integrated Movement Studio in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Since moving to Melbourne in 2012 Catherine has continued teaching in a variety of studio and rehab settings. Her teaching experience spans some thirty years and includes APMA workshops and conferences, studio ballet and university contemporary dance. Catherine’s teaching is informed by her studies in Laban movement analysis, biomechanics/anatomy, classical ballet, Graham technique, yoga, Body Mind Centring and various Release-based dance methods. Catherine explores and develops her understanding of the body/mind in motion through her ongoing practices of Pilates, Gyrotonic, dance and Contact Improvisation.

    Time: 1.00pm - 5.00pm

    Where: Evolved Pilates, Level 1, 324 Darebin Road, Fairfield VIC 3078

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  • SA - Revision of Shoulder and Foot Anatomy - Saturday 22 June 2019

    Description, Requirements

    This 3 hour workshop will review, in greater depth, the anatomy and biomechaics of the shoulder and also the foot. We will consider common pathologies for each. We will briefly look athte applications in the Pilates Environment. 

    Presenter Jenni Guest has combined her formative years as a Classical Ballet Student/Amatuer performer with her academic years of pre and post graduate Physiotherapy study resulting in a passionate focus on Dance Injury / Education and Prevention. As a long standing member of The International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, Jenni remains up to date with the current research in Dance Medicine, treatment and preventative methodology. She holds strong beliefs in working with the junior dancers through their developmental years to achieve maximum potential, as well as following through with the tertiary students and professional performers in maintenance programs, specific rehabilitation and injury prevention protocols.

    As a Senior Pilates Practitioner, Jenni continues her own Continuing Education with the recognized Pilates Education Bodies as well as actively focusing on current research in the practice of core stabilization. She understands the necessity of the use of Real Time Ultrasound and Dynamic Stabilization in achieving functional core control.

    Jenni is a Senior Educator and Examiner for Polestar Pilates Education, delivering Certificate IV in Pilates Practice and Diploma in Professional Pilates Practice as well as presenting Continuing Education modules in all of her specialty. Jenni was the President of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia. 

    Time: 12.00pm - 3.00pm (3 APMA CEC's)

    Venue: Smart Health Training & Services, 12 - 22 Richmond Roaad, Keswick  SA  5035

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  • NSW - Beyond Beighton's - Friday 28 June 2019

    Description, Requirements

    The APMA and Evolution Pilates and Activate Physio. Exercise Rehab is privileged to welcome Researchers Professor Leslie Nicholson and Dr Cliffton Chan, for a lecture and workshop exploring connective tissue hypermobility syndromes.

    How do we approach exercise programming for clients with hypermobility syndromes? This workshop will cover how to recognise and understand the effects of systemic joint hypermobility and asymptomatic generalised joint hypermobility, how to assess joint range of movement objectively, and some practical modifications for specific exercises.


    Dr Leslie Nicholson is an associate professor of functional musculoskeletal anatomy and clinically oriented exercise in the Faculty of Medicine & Health, The University of Sydney. She is a physiotherapist who part-owns two practices in Sydney’s north-west and an honorary physio/researcher with the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Her research is focussed on joint hypermobility disorders across the lifespan firstly in those with connective tissue diseases and secondly in performing artists/athletes affected by joint hypermobility. Leslie has supervised a number of PhD and Masters students in this area and is on the physiotherapy working party of the Ehlers-Danlos International Consortium to develop and promote the use of common data elements for assessment and outcome measurement. She has presented hypermobility workshops in the UK, Europe and the USA.

    Dr Chan is a senior lecturer of functional musculoskeletal anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine & Health, The University of Sydney. He is a co-leader of the Hypermobility and Performance Laboratory, Bosch Institute. He also continues to consult as a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at Potts Point Physio, Sydney. His research area is focused on early detection and management of performance-related musculoskeletal disorders as well as performance enhancement of performing artists, especially musicians and dancers. In addition to his special interest in performing artists health, Dr Chan's expertise is in designing population-specific rehabilitation programs and clinical assessment tools. A major branch of his current work is in developing clinically applicable tools to measure and classify generalised joint hypermobility and associated connective tissue disorders

    Time: 2pm - 5pm

    Venue: Evolution Pilates and Activate Physio. Exercise Rehab, Suite 3, 63 Johnston Street, Annandale  NSW 2038

    Early Bird Ends 14/06/2019
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    Non-Member: $217.50
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    Non-Member: $225.00
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  • QLD - Pilates Barre for Spinal Mobility - Sun 11 August 2019

    Description, Requirements


    A Pilates inspired training method involving sitting and standing Barre work incorporating dynamic spiralling movements designed to connect the somatic body to achieve its greatest movement potential.

    This revolutionary method of Barre-work is unique approach to Pilates. We have taken the essence of fundamental Developmental Movement Patterns and applied the principles of efficient biomechanics and dual force theory to create a system of fluid and strengthening exercises at the Barre.

    The result is the creation of innovative repertoire with challenging modifications of Pilates equipment & floor exercises.

    You will experience a series of simple to more complex movements involving arch, curl, rotation, retire`, flex, bend, reach, pull, yield and so on – all executed to the beat of inspirational music.

     These movements gently work joints & muscles through rhythmic and undulating patterns, while stretching & reinforcing joint and muscle strength in the body.  This program will definitely develop your coordination whilst allowing your spine to safely mobilise beyond any existing stiffness. These safe movement patterns of the spine will stimulate the nervous system, open up energy pathways & oxygenate the blood leaving you with a sense of vigour and power.

    You might even feel the ‘groove’  of the dancer within!!

    Participants will learn:

    • The relevance of Developmental Movement on current movement patterns
    • How to incorporate fluid spiralling movements of flexion, extension and circular rotation of the spine at the Barre
    • How to create sessions for your clients that enable them to discover the true flexibility of the spine and pelvis
    • How to guide clients through exercises that build strength and flexibility as a result of a movement system based on sound principles of Functional Biomechanics
    • To view their existing Anatomy knowledge with new interest by applying skills of movement via the integration of all Planes of Movement

    Presenter Tracey Nicholson is a Pilates practitioner with extensive experience in education and rehabilitation that has presented at conferences in Australia, the USA and Israel. She has owned and directed her own Pilates Studio for 15 years.

    More recently, she became the executive director of Tensegrity Training – a Registered Training Organisation that offers Nationally Accredited Certificate IV & Diploma training in Pilates and a Graduate Certificate in Movement Based Somatic Therapy.

    In addition to her national role as an educator, Tracey operates a movement therapy centre on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland – Tensegrity Studio, which uses aspects of the Pilates Method, Garuda, Somatics, Developmental Movement and Laban Movement Analysis, with clients of all ages.

    Please note that participants can purchase a comprehensive manual at the cost of $65.00 on the day of the workshop. 


    Venue: Tensegrity Studio, 306 Keil Mountain Road, Kiels Mountain QLD 4558

    Time: 9am - 4pm 

    Early Bird Ends 28/07/2019
    Member $302.50
    Non-Member: $372.50
    Normal Price
    Member $320.00
    Non-Member: $390.00
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  • VIC - Staying Alive – Working With The Wiser Population - Saturday 5 October 2019

    Description, Requirements

    This presentation places a strong emphasis on postural awareness, neuromuscular re-education for trunk control, spinal extension, lower extremity strength, and balance as applied to falls and fracture prevention of the hip and vertebral bodies. Through the pilates principles, followed by appropriate selection and sequencing of exercises for success with extremity strengthening, core control, postural changes, reduction of kyphosis, and improved balance.  This presentation will cover a myriad of topics from fracture risk assessment, to current evidence based treatment of frail older persons and those with osteoporosis, precautions and contraindications will be explained with supporting evidence.

    Presenter Celeste Bruce is the owner of Soul Pilates (formerly Pilates Based Physicalmind Studio South Melbourne) established in South Melbourne in 2001. With over 20 years industry experience, Celeste previously studied dance in Australia and the United States, and has travelled widely teaching body conditioning and anatomy and physiology for dancers, as well as delivering community lectures on osteoarthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis and disease prevention from a Pilates perspective. As a qualified Pilates instructor, she is certified with the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) and Polestar Pilates, and was on the board of the APMA. Celeste’s continuing ambition is to educate and encourage all people to exercise more wisely, for the benefit of the mind, the body and the spirit.

    Time: 2.00pm- 5.00pm

    Venue: Soul Pilates, Suite 6, 24 Eastern Road South Melbourne VIC 3205

    Early Bird Ends 21/09/2019
    Member $112.50
    Non-Member: $142.50
    Normal Price
    Member $120.00
    Non-Member: $150.00
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  • NSW - Embodying your Feminine essence in teaching Pilates - earthing your energy and power - Saturday 19 October 2019

    Description, Requirements

    Embodying your Feminine essence in teaching Pilates - earthing your energy and power.

    You know you have more of your magic essence and real self to give as a teacher and yet you know you don't want it to deplete you either. Join Melissa for this two hour workshop to reconnect and awaken the energy centres of the body, begin to embody your essence and flow with the divine feminine thought movement, meditation and soul activation. This is for the Instructor that is curious about ALL parts of you that you bring to your teaching, and you are ready to explore energy, presence, self exploration and heart opening practices. All of these openings and explorations create space within you to be more present and connected to your self firstly, and then you can bring this to your teaching. It is self-care, nourishment for your soul and a dive into hidden or undiscovered parts of you that restrict your capacity to fully be the real you in your teaching. 

    Melissa Turnock is a Pilates and Yoga instructor, a trauma release exercises (TRE) provider, an Energy and Soul Medicine practitioner and a breast cancer thriver, living her life fully on the northern beaches of Sydney.  She has been teaching Pilates since 2003 (since before you had to wear socks!) and incorporates all aspects of her professional and life skill set in working with clients on body, mind and spirituality.  Her current focus is the embodiment of emotion through the body and energy field and she works with women who are ready to face, release and heal all aspects of themselves so they can really embody their soul gifts and contribution.

    Time: 2pm - 4pm (2 APMA CEC's) 

    Venue: Village Pilates, Suite 7, 15 - 17 Stanley Street, St Ives NSW 2075


    Early Bird Ends 05/10/2019
    Member $87.50
    Non-Member: $115.00
    Normal Price
    Member $95.00
    Non-Member: $120.00
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  • QLD - Introducing Somatics into Pilates and Fascial Release with Balls - Sun 24 November 2019

    Description, Requirements

    About Introducing Somatics into Pilates

    This course is designed for practitioners looking to enhance the Somatic dimension of their work with clients.  Somatics is a mindful technique, which facilitates greater mind-body integration, ease of movement and freedom in the body.

    In this course, you will learn a series of Somatic Movement sequences. You will learn how to prescribe the most appropriate Somatic exercises with a distinct somatic approach to teaching exercise. There will be focus on exercises for specific injuries where the use of Somatic Movement and an understanding of Neurophysiological concepts can target the release and re-education of inappropriate movement patterns.

    This Somatic Movement Education Unit explores the neuromuscular responses to emotional states and the knowledge and joy that emerge from the body’s renewed awareness of itself.  Chronic muscle contraction patterns created by past experiences are unconsciously retained.  Thomas Hanna named this tendency sensory-motor amnesia (SMA).  Somatics enables the individual to use the brain to overcome SMA and the negative effects of stress, trauma and aging.  It empowers us to hear more clearly the wisdom of our bodies.

    Somatic movement approaches are particularly effective for rehabilitation, balance, and coordination, especially with elderly clients ?or those who have experienced interruption to functional movement patterns through overuse or injury. The course will also demonstrate how useful Somatic movement is for addressing motor cortex dysfunction.

    About Fascial Release with Balls

    Balls are very useful tools. Toning Balls are handy, resilient and easy-to-store props that can be added to any exercise session. They can be used to challenge and provide variety for clients. In this half-day course, you will learn Balls exercises to cater to different levels of fitness and extend your clients. The balls are used both for release and rehabilitation as well as for intensifying Pilates programs.

    Why do the Fascial Release with Balls?

    • Knowing Balls repertoire is a real bonus for working in a Pilates studio and other Allied Health Clinics
    • Balls can complement your existing Pilates session or with skills, knowledge and creativity learned in this course you can structure a whole class using these balls
    • It is also great for rehabilitation, balance, and coordination
    • Balls are a cost effective addition to any Pilates or other exercise program
    • Using Toning Balls can assist you to improve clients’ strength and proprioception ?
    • Balls can be used to provide relief from over contracted and sore muscles or ligaments, providing excellent self help tools for clients

    Presenter Tracey Nicholson is a Pilates practitioner with extensive experience in education and rehabilitation that has presented at conferences in Australia, the USA and Israel. She has owned and directed her own Pilates Studio for 15 years.

    More recently, she became the executive director of Tensegrity Training – a Registered Training Organisation that offers Nationally Accredited Certificate IV & Diploma training in Pilates and a Graduate Certificate in Movement Based Somatic Therapy.

    In addition to her national role as an educator, Tracey operates a movement therapy centre on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland – Tensegrity Studio, which uses aspects of the Pilates Method, Garuda, Somatics, Developmental Movement and Laban Movement Analysis, with clients of all ages.

    PARTICIPANTS TO BYO: Pilates Mat and a Yamuna/Franklin/small air filled ball 

    Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm (6 APMA CEC's)

    Host Venue: Agility Physiotherapy & Pilates, 130A Quay Street, Bulimba   QLD   4171


    Early Bird Ends 10/11/2019
    Member $225.00
    Non-Member: $285.00
    Normal Price
    Member $240.00
    Non-Member: $300.00
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  • NSW - The Pelvic Fundamental Patterns: Missing in Action in Lowback & Pelvic Pain Disorders - Saturday 30 November 2019

    Description, Requirements

    This workshop will offer the practitioner a pathway to enhance their spinal/pelvic rehabilitation skills. It will describe the common neuro-myofascial-skeletal dysfunctions observed in people with spinal and related pain disorders and how to correct these via the re-establishment and re-integration of ‘key’ phrases of physiological movements – the Fundamental Patterns (FPs) which are usually deficient in people with spinal pain.

    The Pelvic FPs modulate the shape and volumes of the pelvis allowing it to both move freely in space yet provide a stable, adaptable base of support for the spine and hips. They enable the spine to gain its neutral lordosis and ‘lift’, initiate weight shift through the pelvis and multidimensional movements from the base of the spine. They impart both elasticity and stability to the pelvic ring and contribute to effective function in the postural, continence and breathing mechanisms. Importantly, they also protect the spine while stretching.

    Control of the Pelvic FPs is predictably deficient in spino-pelvic pain populations. Re-establishing control of these helps restore the client’s spino-pelvic function, eases pain, promotes freedom of movement, and a return to more optimal, integrated systems function. They involve mindful movement explorations which are ‘deep’ myofascial system dependent and promote an enhanced perception of our internal landscape (interoception) for improved motor skills.

    This workshop will highlight how simple clinical observation and basic functional movement tests can reveal the common compensatory motor patterns in patients with spino-pelvic pain disorders. It will demonstrate the various roles of each of the Pelvic FPs in aspects of healthy spino-pelvic control and allow participants to actively experience each of the 4 Pelvic FPs - and how to begin to integrate these into movement & stretches.

    Restoring the Pelvic FPs offers a more tailored approach to exercise therapy for spino-pelvic pain disorders.

    Presenter Josephine Key is a neuro-musculo-skeletal physiotherapist, educator and author. Her major interest has been in developing an improved understanding and more effective rehabilitation of spinal pain syndromes. She has developed a clinical model of musculoskeletal function/dysfunction - the “Key Approach” www.keyapproach.com.au

    She established the “Key Moves®” Programme of Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Classes in 2001. This programme rests upon the tenets of the “Key Approach” and is constantly evolving as new clinical and research evidence comes to light https://edgecliffphysio.com.au/exercise-classes/

    Josephine has had a number of papers published in the international peer reviewed Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. The most recent: “The Core: Understanding it and retraining its dysfunction” was one of the five most downloaded papers from that journal in 2014. See: www.keyapproach.com.au/publications.

    She is the author of the text book “Back Pain: A movement problem. A clinical approach incorporating relevant research and practice” published by Elsevier, Edinburgh, in 2010.

    Her latest book “Freedom to move: Movement therapy for spinal pain and injuries” was published by Handspring in September 2018

    Time: 1.00pm - 5.00pm

    Venue: Pilatestry Studio, 1/341-343 Penshurst Street (Corner Victoria Ave)
    Willoughby NSW 2086

    Early Bird Ends 16/11/2019
    Member $150.00
    Non-Member: $190.00
    Normal Price
    Member $160.00
    Non-Member: $200.00
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