DVD NO. 1 - The Pelvic Floor: Bringing Research into Practice Presentation

The presentation was conducted as an interactive workshop at the 2008 APMA National Conference. Melinda will present theoretical suggestions of pelvic floor muscle function and relate this to current research findings, common beliefs and practices. Presenter – Melinda Cooper is a Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience assisting women in the broad scope of clinical issues arising within the life stages of menarche, pregnancy, birth and post-partum, lactation and menopause. 

DVD NO. 2 - Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Diseased States: A Pilates Perspective Presentation

The presentation was conducted at the 2008 APMA National Conference. This lecture will present information regarding pathologies involving the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems and will include discussions regarding common pathologies and how we, as Pilates instructors, can help provide an optimal and intelligent approach to programming for these populations. Presenters - Marc Brown is an Associate Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Wollongong. He is the Course Coordinator for the Cardiorespiratory & Neurological Rehabilitation program and has lectured other courses within the Exercise Science & Rehabilitation degree for the past 7 years. Donna Oliver trained in classical ballet from childhood and completed her dance training at the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne. Since 1995 she has worked with acute and chronically injured patients as well as pre and post surgical clients with musculo-skeletal rehabilitative needs

DVD NO. 3 - Gait Workshop

This workshop held at the 2008 APMA National Conference explored Gait. Walking, although we most of us take is for granted, is a complex orchestration of neurological impulses, muscular contractions and bony movements. They also explored how to utilize the pre-Pilates and Pilates repertory to facilitate our clients ease in locomotion. Presenter - Kelly Kane has been teaching the work of Joseph Pilates for over 15 years. Originally, Kelly studied Pilates with Romana Kryzanowska & Hila Paldi and obtained her certification through the Pilates Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kelly completed two years of the BodyMind Centering teacher- training program and attended Massage School at the Florida School of Massage in 1985. Her manual therapy repertoire includes Structural Integration and Cranial Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. Since 1993 Kelly has been studying Iyengar yoga as well as anatomy and postural assessment. Her insatiable desire to understand movement in all of its forms has led her to study Continuum® with Emilie Conrad and Mary Abrams. In the summer of 1999 Kelly opened the Kane School of Core Integration with the primary focus of training teachers in the work developed by Joseph Pilates.

DVD NO. 4 - The Cervical Spine and it's Connections (Healthy Necks)

How many people have told you that they feel all of their abdominal exercises primarily in their necks? In this three-hour workshop we will define healthy neck mechanics for abdominal exercises. Presenter - Kelly Kane - see above for Kelly's bio

DVD NO. 5 - Pilates for Ski Conditioning

During this combined theory and practical workshop, Liz will share some of the exercise science principles of conditioning for skiing. Understanding sport specific concepts such as pre season/ in season training, progressive overload, and how to apply it to skiing will enable you to design the most effective Pilates programs for your ski bunny clients. Presenter - Liz Hewett, is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Pilates Instructor with ten years experience in fitness and exercise rehabilitation. She completed her Pilates Instructor training in 2001 through the Physical Mind Studio, Melbourne, which is accredited by the APMA. Liz is currently based at The Australian Ballet. Liz has a particular interest in combining the scientific principles of exercise science and programming, with the movement therapy techniques of the traditional Pilates Method. 

DVD NO. 6 - Biomechanics of the Knee Joint

Jumping (& landing) to conclusions about Knee injury prevention Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most disabling knee injuries an athlete can sustain. Unresolved ACL rupture has been associated with a distinct syndrome that includes episodes of giving way, further risk of meniscal damage, loss of proprioception via damage to mechanoreceptors in the joint and ligament itself, recurrent pain, and likely degeneration of the knee joint as a result of excessive laxity and persistent instability. Presenter – Julie Steele, is a professor of biomechanics and head of the Biomechanics Research Laboratory at the University of Wollongong. Julie’s research focuses predominantly biomechanics of injury prevention with a specific interest in mechanisms of lower extremity dysfunction, particularly anterior cruciate ligament injury during dynamic landings.

DVD NO. 7 - The Critical Eye: Balancing the Body Side to Side

Whether subtle or dramatic and regardless of cause, built into all bodies are strength imbalances and this workshop teaches you a protocol for really seeing what’s in front of you, mapping it, analyzing it for movement and teaching every Pilates exercise to address what you see. Presenter: Rebecca Leone is an international educator in the Pilates industry and her mission is to complete Joe Pilates’ mission; to make his work accessible to and understood by all who are interested. She completed her classical Pilates training in 2001 from Romana Kryzanowska, a protégé of Joe Pilates’, she is Pilates Method Alliance Gold Certified and has served on the PMA Board of Directors. Rebecca is the developer and director of Pilates Excel, a finishing school for comprehensively trained teachers.

DVD NO. 8 - From Sole to Spine: Looking from the Ground Up

An In-depth Exploration of the Relationship between the Foot and Structures of the Pelvis and Spine. Ever wonder how feet influence the core? Discover how to correct misaligned feet and achieve better overall movement function for your clients. Help those with foot issues unlock reciprocal movement dysfunction in the spine and pelvis (and vice versa) through standing, walking and non-weight bearing choreography. Presenter – Madeline Black has distinguished herself as an international leader in Pilates Instruction and movement education. To date she has presented her work at distinguished forums such as Balanced Body: Pilates On Tour (POT), the Pilates Method Alliance, the Body Mind Expo Event, and Pilates Style. She has also given workshops in Italy, Germany, Japan, Ireland, and through out the US. Madeline has studied Pilates under many of the modern masters of our time, including Eve Gentry, Romana Kryzanowska, Naja Cori, Jean Claude West and Anna Schmitz.

DVD NO. 9 - Connecting to the Shoulder

The shoulder has the greatest ROM of any joint of the body, partly because it has no bony restrictions. Therefore, it solely depends on the muscles for stabilization. In this workshop, we will cover mobility as well as stability exercises of the shoulder and how, through the shoulders, we can connect the arms and upper back to the core. Presenter – Ton Voogt has a BS in Physical Education and is a certified Pilates Teacher Trainer, Personal Trainer and ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor.

DVD NO. 10 – Pilates for Injured Dancers

This practically focused workshop will discuss concepts relating specifically to the nature of injuries and targeted treatment of the dancing athlete.  There will be sections on the hip, foot and ankle and the spine, including some functional anatomy and biomechanical reviews. Presenter – Rachele Quested, is an APA Sports Titled Physiotherapist who has also trained as a Pilates teacher, with Body Control in the UK.  Rachele has returned to Australia after working in London with the Royal Ballet Upper School in Covent Garden for 5 years and has previously worked with the England Netball, Swimming and Triathlon teams as well as in Premiership Rugby. Her interests have been screening and injury prevention as well as a focus on rehabilitation

DVD NO. 11 – Slings & Force Couples

Muscles never work in isolation. Rather, they are arranged with connective tissue in a series of slings, fans and crosshatches throughout the body. These overlapping systems constantly balance compressive and elastic forces to create movement and stability. We’ll build an understanding of how we can use these existing patterns and relationships throughout the body to more easily assess, program, cue and progress/regress our clients. You’ll learn how to apply an integrated view of the body’s structure to static and dynamic assessment. You’ll also spend time practicing seeing and feeling the various slings, fans and crosshatches in action, and using them to improve movement quality. The workshop integrates the work of Thomas Myers, Andry Vleeming, Stuart McGill, Shirley Sahrmann and Dianne Lee – all in 3 hours! Presenter – Raphael Bender holds level 4 APMA membership and is a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer. In addition to his Pilates training, Raphael holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage and a Diploma of Fitness and his work integrates all 3 modalities into an evidence-based approach combining hands-on therapeutic work with exercise rehabilitation.As an educator Raphael holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. He is a member of the STOTT PILATES international advisory committee for Licensed Training Centres and the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) Vic Branch PTA continuing education committee. He has presented thousands of hours of workshops and courses to Pilates instructors, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, osteopaths and fitness trainers nationally and in North America. Raphael holds a black sash in Southern Praying Mantis kung fu, which he taught for 5 years, although currently he's more into MMA, running and of course Pilates. Raphael's Look is Anything But Sombre, and draws inspiration from the classic Kung Fu movies of the Seventies and of course Columbo. He is said to have impeccable taste in wildly colourful tracksuit/skivvy and blazer/skivvy combos. His spirit totem animal is that Noble Knight of the Australian Bush, the Wombat.

DVD NO. 12 – Pilates for Golf

Research Summary For Golf Fitness Training - The evidence that we can help Scientific Principles of Dynamic Correspondence for Sport & Golf Specific Training – Transferring exercise into the swing Physiological Model of Golf Swing – What does their body need? Most common golf injuries, what causes them and how to treat & avoid them – The importance of exercise to the recreational golfer. Most effective golf-specific exercises using Pilates Equipment. Most effective golf-specific exercises using accessories and take home equipment for your clients. Elite Golf Training Overview with Case Study  – Putting it all together (your clients want to know what the tour players do) Presenter: Scott Williams is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Myotherapist who has lectured, consulted and delivered golf strength & conditioning to the PGA of Australia, A.I.S & Golf Australia Elite Golf Programs, several International Golf Academies as well as many practitioners & golf professionals from around the world. Scott has managed the health & fitness of tour players from every major tour across the world and has trained several winners this year. In 2009 Scott became a published author with the Golf Fitness Book “Get A Grip”. Scott draws on his knowledge and experience in many different fields and applies them in order to create physical potential in the golfer’s he works with. Golf has been his primary focus since 2001. Scott has also worked actively in corporate health, exercise rehabilitation for older populations & Medicare, DVA & TAC funded work: care plans, diabetes & cardiac rehab groups. Since 2002 Scott has conducted on average 15hrs of equipment-based Pilates each week and has created a very practical set of exercises for improving golfers of all abilities.

DVD NO. 13 – Dynamic Hip Stabilisation

The hip is a complex multidirectional joint, and is often misunderstood. This workshop will discuss dynamic stabilisation of the hip. With a combined approach of lecture, repertoire and Real Time Ultrasound demonstration, we will explore the implication of hip pathology to movement and muscle function. This will give the teacher an understanding of the biomechanics, pathomechanics, and tools to clinically reason through exercise section to hip pathology.

Presenters: Julia Frankish has been instructing Pilates since 2005 and holds a Level 4 Professional Practitioner qualification with the APMA. Whilst her training is comprehensive, Julia has a specific focus on rehabilitation. Having worked closely with physiotherapists and other practitioners within the industry, as well as having been a dance teacher for 12 years, Julia has an in-depth knowledge of physiology and biomechanics and her teaching and exercise prescription reflects the individual physical and mental needs of my clients. Julia loves to work with a variety of clients and have a particular interest in easing lower back pain, pelvic instability and lower limb dysfunction, spinal injuries and dance conditioning. Julia Frankish is currently co-chair of the APMA Education Committee and the owner and Director of Evolved Pilates, a new and innovative Pilates Studio in Fairfield. We also offer the APMA Level 2 Teacher Training Certificate. Example of recent lectures Julia has presented on to Pilates Instructors, Physiotherapist and other health professionals include Dynamic Hip Stability for the APMA, Springboard repertoire for the APMA and Posture and Alignment for the Southern Federation of Dance Teaching Certificate. Kate McGillivray is an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist and APMA Pilates Practitioner who specializes in biomechanical retraining via Pilates based exercise programs. Following years of classical ballet training at both Melbourne Dance Academy and Victorian College of the Arts, Kate completed tertiary studies in both Exercise and Sport Science (majoring in dance) and subsequently a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, and a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy. Kate has worked extensively at the elite level, as a consultant with the Victorian Institute of Sport, Gymnastics Australia, AFL, and Tennis Australia, treating dancers and elite athletes from these and other sports. Since 2008, a great deal of Kate’s elite sports physiotherapy experience has been with Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia, as both the Victorian and Australian team physiotherapist, travelling with the teams interstate and overseas. Kate has been a guest lecturer on the topic of deep muscle re-training for the Australia and New Zealand Pain Society, the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Gymnastics Australia, and Gymnastics Victoria. Throughout her career, Kate has maintained a special interest in the area of dance injury management, safe dance principles, and the use of Pilates based exercise for both rehabilitative and specific fitness and conditioning purposes. Kate began studying Pilates in 1996 and went on to complete further training through the Australian Pilates Method Association, which has recognized her as a Level 4 Professional Practitioner since 2008.

DVD NO. 14 – The Cadillac - The Best Massage Tool Ever

Approach your Cadillac without an agenda, listen to your body with the help of the music of your taste and see what happens! The body loves the Cadillac, now also called the Trap Table out of fear the Cadillac car industry will take offense at our calling this piece of equipment what Joe called it in the 1930’s. That long ago. He named it the Cadillac because that car he thought was the best car you could buy. In all of his equipment “the Cadillac” was his favorite piece. It addresses the body in the most scope of moves and allows for the most creativity of moves. Mary will help you to see how and why it can be “your favorite” piece of equipment too.

Presenter Mary Bowen at 86 is the eldest Pilates Elder still teaching. She is an outstanding mentor, as she supports each Pilates teacher’s creativity and self-development at any stage of their Pilates career. Mary has lived Pilates for 57 years. At 29 for six and a half years she studied with Joe and Clara themselves. Lessons for her did not end after Joe’s passing. Consecutively for 7 years each she studied with Bob Seed, Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Bruce King and Jean Claude West followed by 20 years with Christine Wright. Mary’s Pilates evolved with each teacher, from an early career in theatre and from 46 years since 1970 as a Jungian psychoanalyst. For 20 years the analyst and the Pilates teacher worked parallel to each other, until 1995, when without intention, they combined forces in teaching Pilates. By 2000 this combination had become Mary’s unique signature offering – Pilates Plus Psyche. Mary mentors in New York City, Killingworth, CT and commonly in Northampton, MA for two full days, 14 hours of 1-1 work on Pilates plus Psyche, working with you on whatever you need wherever you are in your life. She accepts students at all levels, offers workshops and presents at conferences throughout the U.S. and throughout the world. She is a founding member of PMA, presenting each year at the Annual Meeting since its beginning. Mary is currently excited to be joining the New Age of Media by offering “Mentoring with Mary teleconferences,” set up for 1-1 and/or small groups addressing your subjects and questions or hers.

DVD NO. 15 – The Fine Spine

No spine is alike. The reasons why people experience back pain are as diverse as the people who experience back pain. This interactive workshop will focus on the different parts of the spine. Each part of the spine is designed for a different function. Therefore the exercises and movement patterns need to be specific for each part in the spine in order to create strength, mobility, stability and control. Using all their knowledge Michael and Ton will explain why a strong core does NOT prevent back pain and teach numerous movement patterns, specific exercises, classical Pilates exercises and variations that you will be able to integrate into your classes and sessions immediately.

Presenters Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt are internationally recognized Pilates Teachers, presenters, educators, consultants, and innovators, and travel the world sharing their knowledge and experience. Michael and Ton’s were Teacher of Teachers for Romana Kryzanowska’s original International Pilates Certification Program. As Teacher Trainers and Supervising Instructors at the uptown Pilates Studio in NYC, Michael and Ton worked closely together with Romana and her daughter Sari Mejia Santo, training, guiding and testing hundreds of apprentices through the program. During this time they also started to collaborate with Physical Therapists at Performing Arts Physical Therapy in NYC to integrate the Pilates method into patientbased therapy programs. In 2003 Michael and Ton resigned from Romana’s organization to pursue their own path. Together they developed and created - the revolutionary TRIADBALLthe first ball of its size created specifically for the Pilates method, The Pilates TRIADBALLManual published by OPTP and numerous DVDs (commercial and educational). Michael and Ton also used their knowledge and experience to create and set up several customized independently owned and operated full Pilates certification programs internationally. Michael and Ton are also experts in what is commonly known as the Joseph Pilates’ archival exercises and were two of the first teachers to teach these exercises in Continuing Education workshops in the USA and abroad. Together they served on a task force for Inner IDEA, the advisory board of AFPA, guest faculty Teacher Trainers for Brooke Siler’s re:AB® Pilates Teacher Training Program, consultants for the creation of the National Pilates Program for Equinox (high end gym chain in the USA). They are Distinguished Instructors for Pilates Anytime and their work can be viewed at www.pilatesanytime.com In their private practice, they work with numerous A-list celebrities and professional athletes and continue to study; their current course of study is Spiraldynamik in Switzerland.

DVD NO. 16 – Introduction to Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais Method: a method of awareness, clarifying and enhancing self image. It involves finding adaptability of ourselves an our movement patterns out-side of our habitual ways but within a safe range. In this session youwill be introduced to the basic principles through theory and experience. A practical session clarifying ways to connect head support to the spine and pelvis will be explored. An Exploration and experience of Dynamic Stability. “No part of the body can be moved without all the others being affected. Both Joseph Pilates and Moshe Feldenkrais demonstrated passion, curiosity and relentless practice that continues beyond their legacy. In this session we will explore points of difference and opportuinit for “cross pollination”. You will also experience and discuss the organisation of dynamic stability.

Presenter Leonie Hearn studied Physiotherapy at Curtin University 1985. She spent 3 years in London where she studied dance at Laban, Middlesex Poly and summer Schools at “The Place”. Whilst in London, she studied Pilates. Upon her return to Australia she completed intensive Pilates DMA training in Perth and in 1996 completed Perth Feldenkrais Practitioner training. Leonie has 30 years experience working as a physiotherapist with the past 18 years as a Feldenkrais practitioner. Leonie currently has a Feldenkrais practice in Prahran, Melbourne with ranging in age from school age to 93 years. People seek out Feldenkrais for many different reasons, often they have tried many modalities for on-going pain or movement issues . My clients are often complex, they have often developed many compensatory strategies. These compensatory movements are often “parasitic” ie they interfere with easy movement. Leonie uses a combination of “hands on” and awareness through movement to provide an environment for learning and finding different movement pathways. This process involves bringing into action parts of our skeleton and use that is not currently under our intentional voluntary movement options. Leonie’s current interest in Feldenkrais method involves studying Moshe Feldenkrais original transcript and lecture from his trainings that he did in the States in the 1980’s. She is studying how Feldenkrais method can be used for gaining easier postural support. She also uses the Feldenkrais method to find spinal length and an organisation of stability.Throughout her career, Kate has maintained a special interest in the area of dance injury management, safe dance principles, and the use of Pilates based exercise for both rehabilitative and specific fitness and conditioning purposes. Kate began studying Pilates in 1996 and went on to complete further training through the Australian Pilates Method Association, which has recognized her as a Level 4 Professional Practitioner since 2008.

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