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WA - Function, Integration & Expression - Saturday 16 May 2015

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Individual’s are governed by the same physical laws but vastly different personal experiences and beliefs. Every day people meet the challenges of load, constraint and desire overtime forming daily habits, personal postural patterns and ultimately their unique experience of efficacy. Examining function from a place of personal meaning and physical expression we can deepen our curiosity and understanding of Traditional and rehabilitation style repertoire.  Understanding how muscles can inhibit progress or how people ‘get in their own way’ we can better guide, ‘trick’ and excite clients into progress while using our knowledge more holistically.

Using principals drawn from The Feldenkrais Method we will also re-consider how we can look and listen to our clients. Broadening our sense of an individual we can further develop skills to modify/create new exercises tailored to their learning style, physical needs and personal yearnings.

Finally we will experience a sample of Feldenkrais’s classic child-like spiralling sequences that underpin many of our adult movement patterns.

Presenter - Molly Tipping has been working in the field of conditioning, rehabilitation and education for over 14 years. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of techniques and thrives on integrating methods and practices to provide meaningful learning experiences for her students and clients. Molly currently lectures in Alignment and Kinesiology at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where she teaches Ideokinesis (the work of Mable Todd and her disciples), Feldenkrais, experiential anatomy, developmental movement and anxiety resilience. Molly currently runs a private home practice and teaches for The Royal Academy of Dance and Revolution Pilates Studio. She is also the co-producer of Move Over Anxiety, a Feldenkrais audio program currently on sale in Australia and The United States.

Time: 1.30pm - 5.30pm (4 CEC's)

Venue: Revolution Pilates Studio, 419 Oxford Street, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016


Provider: APMA

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