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VIC - History of Stretching and Pilates - Saturday 2 September 2017

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This four hour presentation and practical workshop will look at the original goals of Joe Pilates when he developed his method. Historical photos and modern anatomical images will assist students to look at and understand the flexibility requirements of the original work, and the interest that Pilates had in his clients acquiring flexibility.

Discussion will also look at modern developments and the extent to which flexibility is still a fundamental aspect of the work.

Dynamic and static flexibility training will be explored.

Analyzing the flexibility requirements of some of the major mat  and reformer exercises and breaking them down  for modern populations will form a major part of the practical work.

Presenter: Anthony Lett is a Pilates studio owner, teacher educator and writer from Melbourne Australia. Anthony teaches workshops globally on the material from his books titled "Innovations in Pilates." Anthony was the Director of Advanced Education for BASI Pilates and has qualifications in philosophysports scienceexercise medicine and clinical anatomy.

Anthony has presented his workshops and keynote addresses in over 25 countries and is a leading creative thinker in the Pilates industry. Anthony’s four books contain fascinating world first 3D Pilates graphicsand video and merge practices from osteopathy, physiotherapy and Yoga with traditional Pilates repertoire.  Anthony also created the first “Pilates Anatomy” certification course, as well as the first 3D printed Pilates Reformer. Anthony’s latest book “Stretching on the Pilates reformer” was a number one seller on

Anthony’s presentations are described as relaxed, humorous and cutting edge.

Time: 2.00pm - 6.00pm

Venue: Evolved Pilates, Lvl 1, 324 Darebin Road, Fairfield VIC 3078



Provider: APMA

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