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NSW - Mobility, Stability & Gait - Fri 17 November 2017

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Whether our clients want to stand on one leg without falling, walk down stairs without knee pain, enjoy a weeklong trek, succeed at indoor rock climbing or run a marathon the dynamics of stability and mobility to come into their zenith in the gait patterns. 

In this workshop we will explore the questions “Are stability and mobility really different things?”, “What is the ideal gait?” and “How do we sustain youthfulness in our verticality?”

We will address 

  • The complexity and importance of the standing leg bias
  • What ‘stability’ and ‘mobility’ mean within the neurological framework
  • Homologous, Homolateral and Contralateral stability/mobility variances
  • The biological, pedagogical and structural elements at play in how we locomote
  • The vital relationship between hip joint, talus bone and 4th metatarsal
  • The psychophysical aspects of the stability/mobility paradigm 

Practically we will explore

  • Observational tools and tests for assessing gait patterns and problems
  • Equipment based exercises to increase hip joint proprioception and control
  • Feldenkrais/floor based transition exercises for improving stability/mobility and gait
  • Using foam rollers in novel, subtle and challenging ways
  • Specific cueing and propping to target inhibited muscle proprioception and control

Presenter - Molly Tipping has a BA in Dance and has been working as a Pilates Instructor for 16 years and a Feldenkrais Practitioner for 8. Molly runs a private practice in West Perth assisting clients with injury recovery, chronic pain, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties and dance technique. Molly also lectures in Alignment and Kinesiology at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in the Dance department; teaching Ideokinesis (the work of Mable Todd and her disciples), Feldenkrais, experiential anatomy, developmental movement patterning, body-mind science and anxiety resilience. Molly also teachers for The Royal Academy of Dance and is the co-producer of Move Over Anxiety, a Feldenkrais audio program currently on sale in Australia and The United States.

Time: 2.00pm - 6.00pm

Venue: Surry Hills Pilates Studio, Studio 2, Level 1, 35 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills NSW


Provider: APMA

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