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QLD - Pilates Barre for Spinal Mobility - Sun 11 August 2019

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A Pilates inspired training method involving sitting and standing Barre work incorporating dynamic spiralling movements designed to connect the somatic body to achieve its greatest movement potential.

This revolutionary method of Barre-work is unique approach to Pilates. We have taken the essence of fundamental Developmental Movement Patterns and applied the principles of efficient biomechanics and dual force theory to create a system of fluid and strengthening exercises at the Barre.

The result is the creation of innovative repertoire with challenging modifications of Pilates equipment & floor exercises.

You will experience a series of simple to more complex movements involving arch, curl, rotation, retire`, flex, bend, reach, pull, yield and so on – all executed to the beat of inspirational music.

 These movements gently work joints & muscles through rhythmic and undulating patterns, while stretching & reinforcing joint and muscle strength in the body.  This program will definitely develop your coordination whilst allowing your spine to safely mobilise beyond any existing stiffness. These safe movement patterns of the spine will stimulate the nervous system, open up energy pathways & oxygenate the blood leaving you with a sense of vigour and power.

You might even feel the ‘groove’  of the dancer within!!

Participants will learn:

  • The relevance of Developmental Movement on current movement patterns
  • How to incorporate fluid spiralling movements of flexion, extension and circular rotation of the spine at the Barre
  • How to create sessions for your clients that enable them to discover the true flexibility of the spine and pelvis
  • How to guide clients through exercises that build strength and flexibility as a result of a movement system based on sound principles of Functional Biomechanics
  • To view their existing Anatomy knowledge with new interest by applying skills of movement via the integration of all Planes of Movement

Presenter Tracey Nicholson is a Pilates practitioner with extensive experience in education and rehabilitation that has presented at conferences in Australia, the USA and Israel. She has owned and directed her own Pilates Studio for 15 years.

More recently, she became the executive director of Tensegrity Training – a Registered Training Organisation that offers Nationally Accredited Certificate IV & Diploma training in Pilates and a Graduate Certificate in Movement Based Somatic Therapy.

In addition to her national role as an educator, Tracey operates a movement therapy centre on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland – Tensegrity Studio, which uses aspects of the Pilates Method, Garuda, Somatics, Developmental Movement and Laban Movement Analysis, with clients of all ages.

Please note that participants can purchase a comprehensive manual at the cost of $65.00 on the day of the workshop. 


Venue: Tensegrity Studio, 306 Keil Mountain Road, Kiels Mountain QLD 4558

Time: 9am - 4pm 


Provider: APMA

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