NSW - Pilates Through the Ages - Sat 8 Aug 2020

Join Geri Taylor and her quirky, innovative way of looking at Pilates for this practical, educational and entertaining workshop topic. 

From the moment we are born, we are ageing. As the body goes from childhood to adulthood, through the childbearing years, into maturity and then towards the elderly, there are significant anatomical, physiological, psychological, balance and postural changes. This workshop will explore the different stages of aging, the benefits of exercise at each stage, and additional conditions which may present at different ages. We will study the scientific recommendations for each age group, including potential risks, warning signs and contraindications. We will provide appropriate exercise guidelines for all ages, and practice and teach repertoire to help the Pilates instructor or other therapist develop programs for both private training and group classes.

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Venue: Pilatestry Studio, 341-343 Penshurst Street, Willoughby, New South Wales 2068

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