NSW - The Pelvic Fundamental Patterns: Missing in Action in Lowback & Pelvic Pain Disorders- Sat 30 Nov 2019

This workshop will offer the practitioner a pathway to enhance their spinal/pelvic rehabilitation skills. It will describe the common neuro-myofascial-skeletal dysfunctions observed in people with spinal and related pain disorders and how to correct these via the re-establishment and re-integration of ‘key’ phrases of physiological movements – the Fundamental Patterns (FPs) which are usually deficient in people with spinal pain.

The Pelvic FPs modulate the shape and volumes of the pelvis allowing it to both move freely in space yet provide a stable, adaptable base of support for the spine and hips. They enable the spine to gain its neutral lordosis and ‘lift’, initiate weight shift through the pelvis and multidimensional movements from the base of the spine. They impart both elasticity and stability to the pelvic ring and contribute to effective function in the postural, continence and breathing mechanisms. Importantly, they also protect the spine while stretching.

Control of the Pelvic FPs is predictably deficient in spino-pelvic pain populations. Re-establishing control of these helps restore the client’s spino-pelvic function, eases pain, promotes freedom of movement, and a return to more optimal, integrated systems function. They involve mindful movement explorations which are ‘deep’ myofascial system dependent and promote an enhanced perception of our internal landscape (interoception) for improved motor skills.

This workshop will highlight how simple clinical observation and basic functional movement tests can reveal the common compensatory motor patterns in patients with spino-pelvic pain disorders. It will demonstrate the various roles of each of the Pelvic FPs in aspects of healthy spino-pelvic control and allow participants to actively experience each of the 4 Pelvic FPs - and how to begin to integrate these into movement & stretches.

Restoring the Pelvic FPs offers a more tailored approach to exercise therapy for spino-pelvic pain disorders.

Presenter Josephine Key is a neuro-musculo-skeletal physiotherapist, educator and author. Her major interest has been in developing an improved understanding and more effective rehabilitation of spinal pain syndromes. She has developed a clinical model of musculoskeletal function/dysfunction - the “Key Approach” www.keyapproach.com.au

She established the “Key Moves®” Programme of Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Classes in 2001. This programme rests upon the tenets of the “Key Approach” and is constantly evolving as new clinical and research evidence comes to light https://edgecliffphysio.com.au/exercise-classes/

Josephine has had a number of papers published in the international peer reviewed Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. The most recent: “The Core: Understanding it and retraining its dysfunction” was one of the five most downloaded papers from that journal in 2014. See: www.keyapproach.com.au/publications.

She is the author of the text book “Back Pain: A movement problem. A clinical approach incorporating relevant research and practice” published by Elsevier, Edinburgh, in 2010.

Her latest book “Freedom to move: Movement therapy for spinal pain and injuries” was published by Handspring in September 2018

Time: 1.00pm - 5.00pm

Venue: Pilatestry Studio, 1/341-343 Penshurst Street (Corner Victoria Ave)
Willoughby NSW 2086

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