ONLINE LEARNING - Spiralling Inspired Pilates for a Healthy Spine - Sun 26 April 2020


A workshop designed to integrate palpation of the Multifidus muscles with Spiralling movements of the Spine to reach increased levels of strength & mobility.  The workshop will include anatomy of Multifidus & it role in stabilisation.

The 3-dimensionality & mobility of the spine is used in this unique approach to Pilates. The presenter has incorporated principles of Gyroscopic Motion (also used in the Gyrokinesis® Method), creating innovative repertoire with challenging modifications of Pilates equipment & floor exercises.

The fluid movements gently work joints & muscles through rhythmic and undulating exercises, while stretching & strengthening the body.  This workshop will definitely develop your coordination whilst allowing your spine to safely mobilise beyond any existing stiffness.

Presenter: Tracey Nicholson is a Pilates practitioner and Somatic Movement Therapist with extensive experience in education & rehabilitation together with a dance performance background.  She has worked as a Movement Educator for the past 30 years and has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. As a Dance–Movement Therapist she has worked in areas of mental health, rehabilitation and special education. 

Tracey has presented at Conferences in Australia, USA and Israel on Movement Based Somatic Therapy and Pilates.  More recently, she has presented on the benefits of movement & dance in education for students presenting with behavioural problems.

Tracey has a passion for generating within people a love of moving their bodies. She has been a member of the APMA since 2000 and held positions as Chair of the Education Committee & RTO Committee as well as residing on the Executive Council.  She has owned and directed her own Pilates Studio for 17 years.

Tracey is now the executive director of Tensegrity Training – a Registered Training Organisation that offers Nationally Accredited Certificate IV & Diploma training in Pilates and a Graduate Program in Somatics and Dance Movement Therapy.9

In addition to her national role as educator, Tracey operates a movement therapy centre on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland – Tensegrity Studio, which uses aspects of the Pilates Method, Garuda, Somatics, Developmental Movement and Laban Movement Analysis with clients of all ages.


Time: 9.30am - 1.00pm

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