ONLINE LEARNING - The Starfish Meditation Mat Masterclass - Fri 7 May 2021

The Starfish Meditation Mat Masterclass

A performance enhancing meditation on movement for athletes, artists and people who love to move.

The Starfish Meditation is based on the naval radiation movement pattern, developed in utero. This movement pattern sets up our ability to move from our centre. This mat master class begins with the Starfish Meditation and smoothly transitions into a meditative Pilates mat-workout. Naval radiation is a developmental stage from the Body-Mind Centering approach, which Maggie has studied for the past ten years with Alice Cummins in Melbourne. Maggie has found her Starfish Meditation to be of great benefit to her work with professional sportspeople, paralympians and Olympic gold medallists.

Presenter - Maggie Macgill is a Pilates and Chi Running® educator with twenty years of international teaching experience. She is a graduate of the Master’s Program at The Pilates Centre in Boulder, Colorado, holds a degree in research methods and is a qualified life coach. Maggie has enjoyed a dynamic career, working in athlete training facilities, biomedical clinics and studios across Australia and North America. Her clients have included those with complex injury and chronic pain, a divers range of professional sportspeople, paralympians and Olympic gold medallists.

Maggie’s teaching is strongly influenced by her commitment to translating the Pilates method into fluid and efficient running form. She delivers her Pilates On The Run workshops to movement practitioners and running coaches internationally. Maggie thrives on her continuing education and growth as a practitioner, in particular through her connection to The Pilates Centre in Boulder, the Chi Running® instructor community and her studies in Body Mind Centering®. Maggie has practiced Pilates every day since she began teaching 1999. She loves the way it gives her the ability to tackle challenging hikes in remote wilderness areas and run in a way that feels amazing to her body. 


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