QLD - Pilates & Fascia Fit Together & Every Breath You Take - Sun 23 Feb 2020

Join Geri Taylor and her quirky, innovative way of looking at Pilates for these 2 practical, educational and entertaining workshop topics - all presented in one day!.

Pilates and Fascia - Fit Together

  • explore the nature of fascia and how to keep your fascia fit
  • discover the ways Pilates and fascia intersect
  • learn to assess the body using fascial lines, and fascial release techniques
  • leave feeling strong, stretched, springy and revived, with information and repertoire you can apply immediately

Every Breath You Take

Study the anatomy and physiology of breathing, and how breathing is a movement and the main muscle of breathing is the diaphragm. Discover the benefits of effective breathing for good health, and the negative effects of poor breathing. Experiment with breathing exercises to improve the practice of Pilates and Pilates exercises to improve breathing. Learn Pilates repertoire using various breath patterns to improve movement in the ribcage and thoracic spine, increase the volume of the breath, set the rhythm for the exercises, improve posture, relax the body and enhance well being.

Presenter - Geri Taylor has  been teaching fitness since the 1980’s - the era of Jazzercise, Jane Fonda and leg warmers. Twenty years later, when she discovered Pilates, she thought this is the best exercise ever, I have to teach this. Since then Geri has been on a journey of discovery, getting her Advanced Diploma of Pilates, attending workshops and master classes with Pilates most respected instructors, and teaching mat and studio classes, and workshops in Australia, Europe and America. Geri is certified with the PMA, PAA, and Fletcher Pilates. She loves how using the principles of Pilates, combined with current science, makes it possible to give people a safe, fun, effective, educational full body workout.

Geri teaches more than just exercise. She gives people the awareness of how their body works and how to get the best from their bodies. Four years ago she discovered Bowen Therapy, a gentle hands on form of body work that uses rolling motions over specific parts of the body, especially the fascia, to stimulate the natural healing ability of the body. Geri has since completed the Cert IV and Diploma of Bowen Therapy and use Bowen fascial release techniques, and fascial fitness along with Pilates to help every body move well, relaxed, without pain, and with strength, flexibility and awareness. Her current workshop “Pilates and Fascia - Fit Together” is a culmination of years of study and practice, and she is excited to present this practical, entertaining and fascinating workshop.

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Venue: Body Organics, 6 Ambleside Street, West End QLD 4101

PARTICIPANTS TO BRING OWN: Foam Roller, Mat and Lunch for break

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