VIC - Cueing the Hip - Sat 23 Nov 2019

The power of change lies in the how, not just in the what. Regardless of which exercises we offer our clients, it is how  they execute them that is pivotal to changing muscle recruitment patterns and movement quality. Our verbal cues are our most powerful tool when helping our clients refine the how of their exercises. What we say, the way we say it and when we say it, all impacts on the body’s understanding and resulting action. The challenge is to perceive what kind of cue is needed, when and where, along with having a rich and varied collection of language and imagery to offer. Through sensing, seeing and moving, this workshop will explore the motion of the hip. Utilising a variety of repertoire, Catherine will share her experience of how to see/sense the kind of “correction” needed, along with a selection of her favourite, tried and true cues for happy, healthy hips! This workshop is suitable for any level instructor who is wanting their perception expanded, their creativity inspired and their vocabulary enriched.

Catherine is a master at verbal cueing utilizing visual, kinesthetic, anatomical and pictorial imagery in her descriptive explanations…….. The precision of her cues coupled with images develops alignment and optimises movement technique. 

Carol Fitzsimons- Manipulative Physiotherapist


Presenter Catherine Magill is an APMA Level 4 Practitioner and holds a BA in Dance. She began her Pilates training in 1992 with the late Megan Williams, and for 18 years was the Director of Integrated Movement Studio in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. In 2012 Catherine moved to Melbourne where she has been teaching in a variety of studio and rehab settings. Her teaching experience spans some thirty years and includes APMA workshops and conferences, studio ballet and university contemporary dance. Currently she teaches privately and at ARC Pilates, Preston. Catherine’s teaching is informed by her studies in Laban movement analysis, biomechanics/anatomy, classical ballet, Graham technique, yoga, Body Mind Centring and various Release-based dance methods. Catherine continues to explore and develop her understanding of the body/mind in motion through her ongoing practices of Pilates, Gyrotonic and Contact Improvisation.

Time: 1- 5pm

Venue: Evolved Pilates, Lvl 1, 324 Darebin Road, Fairfield VIC

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