VIC - Pilates & Strength Training Unite - Sat 26 June 2021
Pilates and Strength are a perfect combination. The micro detail and mobility-emphasis of pilates support the macro and compound movements in Strength Training. 
Spend an afternoon in Armature's gym space, building confidence with Strength Training foundations (both bodyweight and barbell work) and applying that to Pilates matwork considerations and repertoire. 
The session starts with a Pilates mat masterclass focusing on mobility and patterns relevant to Strength Training. Then experience various scaled versions of the squat, hip hinge and lunge (plus some bonus extras)  in a Strength Training context. Finally, theory and discussion aligns the two modalities. 
A great opportunity for personal Pilates practice, de-mystifying Strength Training and plenty of immediate ideas to implement into Pilates teaching.

Presenter Stephanie Glickman has owned and operated Armature Pilates & Strength in Brunswick, Victoria since 2006. She is certified through five Pilates schools (Stott Pilates, Pilates ITC, Polestar, APMA and Breathe Education) and has worked extensively in the Pilates and fitness industry for the past 17 years. She is passionate about bridging the complementary modalities of Pilates and strength training. A former Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer, Stephanie is a trainer for Breathe Education across Cert IV and Diploma courses and regularly presents nationally in the fitness and Pilates arena. She is a Level 4 APMA member and a Principal Trainer member with the PAA. 

Venue: Armature Strength, 132 Victoria Street, East Brunswick 3057

Time: 2pm - 5pm

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