VIC - Pilates with the Springboard - Sat 13 July 2019

Following successful presentation in 2016, the APMA is excited to bring the Pilates with Springboard workshop in 2019. The springboards are a fantastic piece of equipment to use resistance and assist and challenge movement. This workshop will bring a functional framework into Pilates repertoire.

Presenter - Julia Frankish

Julia Frankish has been instructing Pilates since 2005 and hold a Level 4 Professional Practitioner qualification with the APMA. Whilst her training is comprehensive, Julia has a specific focus on rehabilitation. Having worked closely with physiotherapists and other practitioners within the industry, as well as having been a dance teacher for 12 years, Julia has an in-depth knowledge of physiology and biomechanics

Time: 1.00pm - 4.00pm (3 CEC's)

Venue: Evolved Pilates, Level 1, 324 Darebin Road Fairfield, VIC 3078

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