VIC - The Functional Foot: Creating a strong base of support - Sat 27 November 2021

The Functional Foot: Creating a strong base of support

The foot and ankle play a key role in lower body strength, plyometrics, balance and in day to day life, but they are often neglected in our programming. This workshop aims to review the relevant anatomy, physiology and function of the foot and lower leg in relation to your clients. We will then review a selection of exercises to isolate and then integrate foot strength into your programming.

Presenter Michelle Bergeron is a passionate, dedicated physiotherapist with a specific interest in foot and ankle injuries, exercise, and sports injuries, with a clinical background in elite sport and performing arts. Michelle has been lucky enough to work at amazing companies such as Cirque du Soleil and currently at The Australian Ballet, which have exposed her to some of the best performing artists in the world and without a doubt, to the best medical teams.

Michelle's interests however, do not only lie there. She consults at the Melbourne Football Club, helping them manage foot and ankle injuries, and serve as the medical advisor and Strength & Conditioning coordinator for the Australian Flying Disc Association (Ultimate Frisbee). Michelle was also the Head Physio and Medical Coordinator for the World U24 Ultimate Championships in 2018 in Perth and covered Handball at the PanAm Games in Toronto 2015, amongst other sports gigs throughout the years. She's worked with rowers, rock climbers, shot putters, soccer players, gymnasts, figure skaters, burlesque dancers, cyclists, netballers, rugby players, badminton players, skiers and everyone in between.

Venue: Grounded Movement, 432 Waverley Road, East Malvern VIC 3145

Time: 2pm - 5pm 

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