WA - Introduction to Alexander Technique for Pilates Instructors - Fri 4 Oct 2019

We will explore how the nervous system and the automatic reflexes that allow us to stand up against gravity are balanced across our entire system. Alexander Technique is a powerful set of ideas and principles that help you see the ‘whole’ person as they move.  Many exercise and intervention modalities focus on the bones and muscular systems, Alexander Technique includes the central role of the nervous system & how we activate this with conscious constructive thinking.  Alexander Technique is an amazingly simple method to address movement habits (which by their nature are invisible to us) and rediscover your natural poise and grace.

This workshop will focus on our own individual co-ordination, each person being unique and their movement being a manifestation of their unique-ness.  It will be very interesting to discover the common ground and places of divergence between Alexander Technique and Pilates practice.  The workshop will be practical and participatory.

The workshop will cover:

  • Introduction to Alexander Technique (including primary control, directions of movement, inhibition, and faulty sensory appreciation)
  • What actually supports our posture against gravity?
  • What does ‘good’ co-ordination mean?
  • Co-operating with human design when moving
  • Over effort and ‘feelings’ often lead us out of well co-ordination movement 

Presenter: Greg Holdaway has over 30 wonderful years of clinical practice as an Alexander Technique teacher, teaching professional musicians, many people in pain and those recovering from injury etc. Greg has many stories of working with people where they thought there was no hope for improvement!  Consistently they rediscover hope and find new approaches to healthy movement and thinking habits using Alexander Technique principles.

Recently Greg went back to university to complete a Masters in Sports Science, undertaking research into anti-gravity reflexes.  Greg has a special ability to make complex technical and theoretical ideas into practical and applied ideas – ideas that can be used to help you and your students!   The bonus of Greg’s study and skill is that you gain the benefits of his postgraduate study without the need to do all the reading and assessment yourself!

Greg is currently the Director of Sydney Alexander Technique, the only AUSTAT accredited teacher training program in NSW.  Greg is also a Director of Body Chance, Japan, the largest Alexander Technique teacher training school in the world; where he is a regular teacher.

Venue: Revolution Pilates Studio, 419 Oxford Street, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016

Time: 2 - 5pm 

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