Important Information:

In order to gain CEC acknowledgement, you must log your CEC's via the "Members Documents and My CEC's" and submit. Once submitted your CEC application with become "Active". Active CEC's are subjected to an "APMA CEC Audit". The term "active CEC's" does not constitute automatic approval. All members will be randomly audited over the CEC period. If the audit outcome determines invalid or over stated CEC's, you will be contacted. Not adhering to the audit outcome, may result in membership cancellation.

What you need to provide:

Provide three newly learnt applicable concepts to your work as a Pilates Practitioner

All CEC approvals are at the discretion of the Education committee and/or APMA Council

Ensure the 36 CEC's are accured in a full CEC period

Evidence Scanning:

Scan and attach Receipt for payment

Scan and attach Certificate of Attendance or Completion