How do I become an instructor?

Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma

Thank  you  for  your  interest in our  Diploma of  Pilates Movement Therapy (69802). Applying for  a nationally accredited qualification can seem confusing. To make things clearer, we’ve  outlined the four simple and  efficient pathways to  receive our  Diploma. Choose  the  one  that  best  suits your background.



PATH 1: Enrol for full delivery of the Diploma

Anticipated completion: 9-12 months


PATH 2: Apply for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

 Approximate completion: Up to 3 months; Depends on the required size of the RPL portfolio


PATH 3: Enrol in Bridging to Diploma Course by holding APMA Level 2 Course Certificate of Completion

 Approximate completion: 2 months


PATH 4:  Enrol in Bridging to Diploma Course by being current APMA Level 2 Member or above and successfully completing all portions of the APMA’s National Recognition Exam (NRE)

Successful completion of the NRE would have occurred in one of two ways:

1. Required as your APMA Level 2 Course Summative Assessment (ie Final Examination)

2. Required as part of your APMA Membership Assessment Process (MAP).


To follow this pathway, you must sit any missing components  of the APMA’s NRE. For example, during the assessment for your APMA Level 2 or above Membership, you may have been required to only take the Practical portion of the NRE (ie Teaching and Personal Demonstration). In this case, to enroll in the Bridging  to Diploma  Course,  you only  need  to sit the NRE  Written  Portion.  If you need  to follow  this pathway, this assessment will be arranged through the APMA Education Committee.

Approximate completion: 2 days






Assessment RPL

Assessment NRE

Student Admin


PATH 1: Full Dip








$600/Unit X 13 units = $7800 2




PATH 3: Bridge

to Dip with Level

2 Course Cert






PATH 4: Bridge to Dip as Level

2+ Member

needing to complete NRE



$200 NRE +

$400 Examiner = $700 3




1    Enrolment course fees are GST exempt

2    Fee for RPL process to cover all 13 Units of Competency. Applicants RPL fee dependant on the number of units necessary.

3    Estimated fee; dependant on amount of NRE necessary to complete and associated Examiner costs.


For more details on choosing the best pathway for you, please  contact your  local Course Deliverer or APMA Education & Training (see below).



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