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How to renew - APMA Members 2018 guide

Author: Joanne - 09/01/2018

1. Go to
2. In members log in area - place username and password (when entering your username and password please ensure there are no gaps before or after)
3. Amend personal contact details (ie. mail addresses etc.) - found under the My Details tab at top right hand side
4. Add/Check your studio affiliation - found under the My Details tab at top right hand side where you can nominate up to 3 studios - if the studio you work at or own is not in the drop down box please contact the Administrator via email with following details to get the studio added: 
Studio Name
Studio Address
Studio Phone
Studio Email
Studio Website
5. Upload any  CEC's accrued since 1 April 2016 - to log click on the Member Documents & My CEC's tab on top right hand side. All CEC's need to be logged INDIVIDUALLY, not on one upload for recording purposes and need to have supporting evidence of attendance ie. certificate. Please ensure supporting evidence shows date, number of hours, topic, presenter for approval purposes. 
6. To renew your membership, click on My Membership and it will automatically take you to the current level of membership that you are listed at. To renew at same level, click on red renew button and follow the prompts.
Please note that if you wish to upgrade to higher level, subject to the above requirements, you cannot select this process until after the 1st March as the system will charge you double the amount of membership - the existing level and then you will have to select the higher level and pay the automatic fee again - please contact the Administrator to do an upgrade manually. 

When submitting your membership renewal for Level 1, 2, 3, or 4, you are required to submit evidence of 36 CEC’s by 31 March 2019 (current period 1 April 2016 – 31 March 2019), the association invites you to now upload the evidence of any CEC's that you have completed since 1 April 2016 via the membership system. Instructions on how to do this are below.  Please note that if you joined the association during the current period CEC’s are calculated on a pro-rata basis so please contact the Administrator to clarify number of CEC’s required. This also applied for newly qualified APMA accredited instructors who have commenced their Level 2 Membership.
Please note that any points attained prior to 31 March 2016 cannot be carried over and used in the current period.
The APMA requires members to have current CECs to ensure that the level of continued professional knowledge is accepted and recognised within the Pilates Industry.


Upgrading To a Higher Level of Membership
To upgrade to a higher level, you must have completed the nominated hours:

  • Level 3 Professional Practitioner - 3,500 teaching hours
  • Level 4 Professional Practitioner - 7,500 teaching hours  

The following documentation is also required to authenticate your application:

  1. Signed Statutory Declaration showing the following details: number of teaching hours by year, studio name(s), type of work (mat or equipment), whether self-employed or employed.
  2. Signed letter from employer (on letterhead) stating number of teaching hours whilst employed at each particular studio.

When renewing your membership, select the Level you wish to upgrade to ie. currently a Lvl 2 and wanting to upgrade to Lvl 3 so select that level in the renew section - the system will then charge you the correct amount applicable for that level. You will then be required to upload the supporting evidence as outlined above in the following sections.