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National Pilates Day - 5th May 2018

Author: Joanne Worsfield - 13/04/2018

This year the APMA is celebrating National Pilates Day on Saturday May 5th, and we are partnering with the charity MND Australia (Motor Neuron Disease)

Read here for more on Motor Neuron Disease and the invaluable work MND Australia are doing

MND is an irreversible neurological condition that attacks the nerves responsible for muscle control

Of interest to the Pilates world, Mari Winsor, who made Pilates popular in the 1990’s with her video’s, suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) which is one of subtypes of MND. Mari was diagnosed in 2013 and currently with the progression of the disease is wheel chair bound and non-verbal,requiring 24-hour care.

Neil Daniher, former AFL football player & Coach was diagnosed with MND in 2013 and is now a prominent campaigner for medical research and associated with the Big Freeze.

Typically, people with this incurable condition die within 3-4 year from diagnosis, although is some rare cases people with MND, such Professor Stephen Hawking may live much longer.

There is no known cure.

National Pilates Day is a great way of raising awareness of the Pilates Method, promoting your studio and raising money for a great cause! 

This could be as simple as offering:?

A special Pilates Session

An Open DayA Fundraising Morning Tea

Dress Up for Pilates 1980’s style anyone! 


Please contact the APMA Administrator's office via email to register your interest

By registering your studio, the APMA will help to promote your National Pilates Day event, and organise a MND promotion kit.

Participation of this event calls for the individual to provide a donation on or before the day, to the hosting studio.

The Studio will record all donations and deposit into the APMA Account. The APMA will tally all participating studio's funds raised and provide 100% of these donations to MND Australia, together with the "record of donations details". MND Australia will send receipts for all donations over $2AUD.