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APMA Statement regarding health fund rebates - December 2018

Author: Penny Latey - 24/12/2018

The Australia Physiotherapy Association have responded to this, not by offering any evidence of the efficacy of Pilates to assist or improve people’s movement ability, or as an effective treatment for musculoskeletal problems, but instead, by stating that Pilates based exercise is within physiotherapy scope of practice, and claims should be funded by Private health funds under Physiotherapy.
The physiotherapists, by incorporating Pilates within their scope of practice are taking over the profession of the non-physiotherapist Pilates provider. Practically this will mean the end of the independent Pilates teacher or practitioner.

We need to act now to save the profession of independent Pilates providers.
We urgently need to lobby and send letters disagreeing with both the findings of the Government review into auxiliary and allied health in relation to the evidence of the efficacy of Pilates to help numerous conditions and to counter the claims that only physiotherapists should be rebated for Pilates based treatments.

Letters need to be sent by all professional Pilates practitioners and by our patient/clients to:
All the Private Health Fund providers
All Members of parliament including the Health Minister Mr Greg Hunt.
You may wish to write your own letters to your private health provider or the government or your GP or referring specialist. However we will be providing a number of possible letters for you use for yourself as a practitioner and to give to your clients to send to the relevant Health funds. We also request that you notify any medical doctors that you have a professional relationship with, of these developments and request that they would write in support of our profession.

The Australian Physiotherapists statement that Pilates falls within a physiotherapist’s scope of practice (even if they have no thorough training in the Pilates treatment modality) needs to be corrected. To this end we are compiling a comprehensive rebuttal of the physiotherapist’s claim on Pilates, and completing a thorough review of the literature showing the extensive evidence of the efficacy of Pilates as a treatment modality. Finally we are undertaking a comparison of Physiotherapy and Pilates education requirements and competencies to show the high level of education within the Pilates profession.

We will also be contacting the Department of Fair Trading regarding a possible breach of trade practice and inappropriate exclusivity in regard to this matter. If you have any questions or suggestions please direct them via APMA administration to the health fund subcommittee
Kind Regards
Dr Penny Latey MSc, PhD.
Chair of the APMA Health Fund Subcommittee