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APMA Statement regarding health fund rebates - February 2019

Author: Penny Latey - 05/02/2019

Dear  Pilates professionals
Following the Private Health Insurance (PHI) reforms we have been working to provide accurate information and ethical responses to the outcomes of the reforms. 
The following information and letters may be used to send to your Member of Parliament or Private Health Fund in response to the changes in permitted health insurance rebates that are due to come into effect on the 1st April 2019. The introduction is a back ground and discussion of these changes. There are four proforma letters which can be used to send our concerns to the relevant parties.
The first is a letter directed to your Members of Parliament,  the following three are for Private Health Funds and are tailored for different Pilates providers either for those that work in Physio practices or stand-alone Pilates studios. Please share these letters with clients and colleagues and use the most relevant to your needs. To use, infill or delete the comments in the letters in red with the appropriate details. Or you may prefer to craft your own letter using the information, in context, provided in the introduction.

Click on the following links for letters:

1. Introduction to defence of Pilates Profession

2. Client to MP Letter

3. Letter to Health funds from Physio Client

4. Short Letter to Health funds from Clients

5. Long Letter to Health funds from Clients

The APMA Subcommittee reviewing the Governments Health Systems Policy and Finance statements and Private Health Fund reforms.

Dr Penny Latey