APMA Mentor Program

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the APMA Mentor Program.

Whether you are newly qualified, or work solo as a Pilates Teacher using the APMA Mentor Program will help guide and support you in this rewarding profession.

As a Mentee, (Level 2 Membership and above) it is a perfect way improve your skill set and confidence in the world of Pilates. With your Mentor you could explore new ways of approaching challenges from someone who has more experience.

If interested in finding a Mentor click on https://www.australianpilates.asn.au/mentor-program and select from the registered APMA Mentors

It is not just the Mentee who benefits, being an APMA Mentor has many advantages as well. Mentoring someone helps you improve your communication skills and builds networks within the profession. You will have the opportunity to reflect on how you got to where you are now, whether there are challenges you would do differently or not.

As an APMA Mentor you must be Level 3 membership which is over 3,500 hours Pilates Teaching, or a Level 4 Membership, over 7,500 hours of Pilates Teaching experience. Being a Mentor is a great way of giving back to the Pilates community and sharing your knowledge and experience.

For both the Mentee and the Mentor you will gain APMA CEC’s. Mentor meeting will be eligible for 0.5 CEC’s per hour, maximum 3 CEC’s per year.

Check out our new Mentor Page on the APMA website https://www.australianpilates.asn.au/mentor-program