COVID-19 UPDATE 24 March 2020

“Leaders acknowledged that these new restrictions will change the way we live and expressed deep regret for those business owners and employees who will be impacted. The goal is to reduce the spread of the virus, to flatten the curve and to save the lives of fellow Australians.” Source; media release from Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

What a difference a day can make. 
The current Coronavirus situation in Australia is constantly changing, on not only a daily but an hourly basis. We sent out an email yesterday (23 March) and not 5 minutes later did we received further information and clarification from our friends at the PAA who had spoken with the Federal Sports Minister's Advisor, and were advised that

A PILATES STUDIO - comes under the following category:
Recreation facility (indoor) means a building or place used predominantly for indoor recreation, whether or not operated for the purposes of gain, including a squash court, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, table tennis centre, health studio, bowling alley, ice rink or any other building or place of a like character used for indoor recreation.

Sadly this means that as of Midday yesterday 23rd March 2020, Pilates Studios must close until further notice. 

Below we have added to our list of resources for you at this time. If there is a resource out here that you think will have something of value for our community please share it 

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