COVID-19 UPDATE 25 March 2020

Last evening March 24 the PM addressed the nation again, with even more restrictions on business’ throughout Australia. Within that announcement, PM Scott Morrison confirmed that;
“Community and recreation centres, health clubs, fitness centres, yoga, barre and spin facilities, saunas, bathhouses, wellness centres” are to remain closed.
Though in his statement the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison does state in reference to outdoor small group training that; 
“Boot camps and personal training is limited to a maximum of 10 people are still allowed and the social distancing arrangements must be strictly enforced.”

Whilst the government hasn’t specifically listed Pilates in this current statement, the APMA is taking the position following the Federal Government guidelines that Studios must close until otherwise informed. Of course we understand that all members and studio owners will be seeking a way around what has been advised in order to keep their businesses open but we are all in the same predicament and yes it is scary and yes, we don’t know how long it is going to go on but need to follow the guidelines as they have been provided to us from the Federal Government. 

We urge all members to contact their local state authorities to seek clarification on each individual state requirements pertaining to your individual situation. 
We will continue to keep you as informed as we can during this time, knowing that the situation is ever changing. We urge you to be kind to one another, this is a time to come together as a community. Now more than ever we need to work together to bolster the reputation of Pilates as a treatment modality, meaning that in the future, we would be treated the same as those in the Allied Health Industry.