COVID-19 What do we do if a Pilates client from our studio tests positive?

Scenario: What do we do if a Pilates client from our studio tests positive?

We have had a few members seeking some guidance on this important question. Please note: at all times we recommend you abide by any guidelines or directions set by the relevant bodies in your home state or by the Federal Government.

The studio needs to be shut down for at least for 1 day initially, until all contacts are informed . This needs to be communicated directly to clients, staff and anyone that has used the studio in the past two weeks, hence anyone who enters your studio need to be documented. 

In reality the whole studio needs to be shut down for at least two weeks and anyone affected needs to be informed ie. clients and staff. 

Good hygiene practices must be implemented immediately. The studio and all equipment needs to be regularly disinfected between clients and sessions. Adopt the below hand-washing process and advise clients to not touch their face.

Employ preventative measures such as the use of socks, client bringing in towels to put on equipment so reducing skin contact with big equipment. Encourage clients to use their own disinfectant, small apps, etc.

Adopt an exclusionary policy whereby the client is not attend the studio if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or has recently returned from overseas travel. 

All vulnerable clients need to adopt self isolation measures.  As responsible studio owners, we need to provide support and leadership to our at risk clients.

For the health and safety of all participants, studios need to practice social distancing measures. Every studio needs to rethink how many clients they see at one time. This may include adopting alternative methods of teaching for example, via online mat classes through Zoom or equivalent.

We are all in this together and we will get through this.

Most of all, be prepared and stay calm.