FREE Pilates Workshop to support Bushfire Affected Areas

FREE Pilates Workshop to support Bushfire Affected Areas
To help those in Bushfire affected areas of NSW, ACT and North Eastern Victoria, Carla Mullins from Body Organics in Brisbane, will be holding a series of free workshops.
These are for all movement teachers living in Bushfires affected areas.  Teachers from other areas are welcome to attend for FREE, the only catch is you have to pay for accommodation in the ares and bring much needed cash to these devestated communities. 
Friday 14th February , 4.30pm - Bright,  Victoria
Anatomy Dimensions Shoulder course – Upper  Limbs One
4 Hours, 4 CEC’s with both APMA and PAA                    
Friday 20th March, 1.30pm – 3.30pm The Pilates Hundred, Milton, South Coast NSW
Instructors Makarlu Masterclass
2 CEC’s with APMA and PAA
Friday 20th March, 4.00pm –  7.00. The Pilates Hundred,  Milton, South Coast NSW
Love Me Tendon
5 CEC’s APMA and PAA  
Saturday 21st March, 4.30 – 7.30pm PilatesCan, Canberra
Anatomy Dimension Breath
   CEC’s with APMA and PAA
To book please email to confirm your attendance so that we can have your resources ready and available for you.

If you know of anyone offering similar sessions, please contact the APMA Administrator's office via email  and we'll advertise for you.