Journal of Bodywork Movement and Therapy

APR 2019 - ISSUE


The Pilates method in the function of pelvic floor muscles:

Systematic review and meta-analysis



A.Queroz Lemos, C.Aires Brasil, D.Valverde, J.Dos Santos Ferreira, P.Lordelo, K.Nues Sa

Background: Many Pilates instructors believe that the method can produce significant improvement in the resistance of pelvic floor muscles, but it is known that about 49% of women who can contract this muscle do not perform an adequate contraction and cannot increase urethral closure pressure.

Objectives: To evaluate the response of the Pilates method in function of the pelvic floor muscles, compared to the control group in healthy women.

Data and Collection Analysis: Two reviewers independently selected the studies, assessed the risk of bias and performed the data extraction. Primary outcomes were the method of evaluation of strength, function, coordination, and symmetry of contraction of the pelvic floor muscles.

Results: 4434 articles were identified and 2 articles were selected to compose this review and the meta-analysis. No between-group difference was demonstrated for the pelvic floor muscle function as measured by perineometry (p = 0.32).

Conclusion: No evidence showed a modification of the function of pelvic floor muscles in healthy women practicing the Pilates method.