Tips for Teaching Pilates by Zoom
Tips for Teaching Pilates by Zoom

Many parts of Australia are in lockdown and teaching Pilates using Zoom is a great way to keep connected with clients, keep their bodies moving and maintain an income stream.
Ways of making Zoom easier for you and your clients include.


This is essential particularly if you are teaching evening classes.
Pick the best lit area to teach from. This makes a huge difference to how easy you are to see by your clients.
If needed use additional lighting such as extra lights, lamps or even invest in a ring light.


Check that your clients can hear you OK. You don’t necessarily need a microphone, but if you are teaching a number of people, the same exercise, in a group class mute your clients. This will cut down on amplified background noise.


If you are teaching in an area that has a lot of hard surfaces, bring in sound deadening items (out of screen shot) such as large cushions, doonas and rugs. This will improve the sound dramatically.


If your broadband or ADSL internet is unreliable or slow, consider using a mobile hotspot off your phone. This can often be faster.
When teaching muting may speed up the connections and if that doesn’t help stopping video from your client (keep yours) will help.
Maybe a matter of experimenting with the options.
The time of day will have an impact on speed, for instance 7 - 9 is peak usage, if needed reschedule.


Be creative, clients may not have a full set of props, they can use a wall, a chair, cushions, folded towels, an old pair of tights can be used instead of a resistance band.
Give clear instructions by email or text for your clients to set up their space for their Pilates session.
- Set up laptop or tablet on floor or coffee table
- have enough space around them to reach our arms and legs.
- have good lighting if possible
- have all the props at hand to save time


Technology when working is great, when not it can be really frustrating.
When in doubt remember to breathe!
Do you have any other tips?

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