VICTORIAN DATES are locked in and scheduled

Little bit about Stephanie:
She grew up obsessed with dance but eventually settled into fitness and Pilates in her 20s after studying degrees in English and dance. She's done nearly every Pilates qualification available under the Antipodean sun and holds Principle Trainer level membership with the PAA (Pilates Association Australia) as well as Level IV membership with the APMA (Australian Pilates Method Association.)  She's frequently participating in ongoing education as a student as well as presenting master sessions at state and national fitness and Pilates conferences. 

For a decade, she was an instructor trainer with STOTT Pilates and then Breathe Education and now she heads up Armature Education, providing continuing education workshops blending Pilates and Strength Training for the Pilates instructor Community.

"We are hugely excited to bring Stephanie into the APMA Gold Standard of Education with all her previous experience and knowledge"